The Tea Party Caucus sucks (and I hate them)


I’ll get into this further tomorrow (or not) but my former template/theme for Daily Cup was old and tired and irretrievably broken.  Glenn and I created this new one and I hope you like it.  If you don’t, please keep it to yourself.  I’m sensitive.  Besides, we’re still tweaking.  Also, content is what it’s all about.  Substance over style.  Speaking of content (we were):  On public radio last night, I listened as pundits discussed the latest news from Washington and what it meant for … [Read more...]

Sunday cafe: Norway, Boehner, Winehouse, and gay marriage in New York

You can read thousands of articles about the tragedy in Norway, and ask one question: why?  Ninety-three people are dead, many of them young idealists gathered together to share and listen and think about the future of their country and the world. Anders Behring Breivik believed his world had become too diverse.  Too many Muslims, too many immigrants so different from himself.  Like Jared Lee Loughner, he committed his heinous crimes because of insanity.  (I know, innocent until proven guilty … [Read more...]

Another evening cup: debt ceiling, the NFL talks, deaths in Yosemite, and Bachmann gets migraines (big deal)

The “cut, cap, and balance” plan that was passed in the House on Tuesday to address the issue of the looming debt ceiling and our scary deficit was symbolic and has virtually no chance of passing in the Senate.  I’m so glad they spent so much time on it and that they continue to make us so very proud of the work they do in Washington.  SYMBOLIC?!  Really?  Last I checked, symbolism didn’t pay the bills.  The Senate “Gang of Six” (a bunch of thugs, I hear) have come up today with their own plan, … [Read more...]

An afternoon cup turns to evening: the debt ceiling, Google +, the Emmy noms, and the soccer ladies

There’s a lot of anger, accusations, bickering, and blaming going on in Washington today as the president and members of Congress continue to try and find a way to compromise and raise the debt ceiling so our country doesn’t default on its financial obligations to those from whom we’ve borrowed money.  I’m practically foaming at the mouth with words from Republicans regarding the origins of our bazillion dollar deficit.  I’m not sure if it’s amnesia or revisionist history, but we got into this … [Read more...]

Join me for an evening cup: Casey Anthony, a dust storm in Arizona, the damn deficit, and guys like to cuddle

If you’re wondering why I never mentioned the Casey Anthony trial here, it’s because I thought the whole thing was sordid and sensationalistic and Nancy Grace had it all covered.  On Tuesday, the Florida mother was found not guilty in the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee in what is being talked of as the worst decision by a jury since O.J.  With that verdict, I always chalked it up to the jury’s inability to grasp the concept of “beyond a reasonable doubt”, emphasis on reasonable.  Just … [Read more...]

Today’s cup: Strauss-Kahn, NATO in Libya, the debt ceiling, and Djokovic is #1

It appears as if charges will be dropped in the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case as more sordid details of the New York hotel maid are revealed.  And while I have no personal interest in seeing this man go down, I can’t help but wonder – again – why his wife appears so happy to stand by his side.  Clearly, the man has a history with women and not a good one.  Strauss-Kahn will be facing new charges when he returns to France from a young French writer, Tristane Banon, who tried to accuse him in 2002 … [Read more...]