Gabrielle Giffords, and a few words about next Thursday

I was over at today with a post about Gabrielle Giffords and the purpose of life.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry.  Head on over there and read it, comment at will.  I’ll wait. Back so soon?  All righty then, I have a few thoughts on Christmas: It’s thirty-eight days away.  Before then, there’s another national holiday we’ll call, hmmm…let’s ‘bout THANKSGIVING.  Thanksgiving is seven days away and I feel strongly that we should all put the damn breaks on that other holiday – … [Read more...]

My Tuesday take: that ride back home (the pt. 2 you’ve been waiting for), and some other stuff

Ryan Reynolds’ character in “The Change-Up” (I’ll review tomorrow) is accused of being a quitter, someone who never finishes anything.  I’ve certainly been guilty of that in my past and on Saturday promised pt. 2 of my excellent adventure to San Francisco and never delivered so… Interstate 5 runs the length of California and then heads into the Pacific Northwest.  It’s a God-forsaken highway, with the exception of parts near San Diego and up near Oregon.  I decided to take that route to San … [Read more...]

Today’s cup: Los Alamos, Blagojevich, a Palestinian state, Wimbledon, and the Dodgers

It’s certainly not the first time New Mexico has faced a fire near its Los Alamos nuclear facility, but still.  Any fire near a structure that contains radioactive material is going to make people nervous.  Yesterday’s news was that the workers at the plant had been sent home.  Later on Monday, a mandatory evacuation was put into effect for thousands living in and around the nuclear laboratory.  From The Washington Post: “…environmental specialists from the lab were mobilized and monitoring air … [Read more...]

Today’s post: Boston Bruins, Weiner to resign, Edwards mug shot, Giffords goes home, and coffee vs. tea

By the time I post this today, chances are good that Anthony Weiner will have resigned.  He’s holding a press conference at 2pm Eastern and, according to NBC News, his staff was already packing up his office.  What a stupid way to go out, and a waste for his constituents in Brooklyn and Queens.  Now what does he do?  It might benefit him to read Christine Carter’s blog post today at HuffPo about dads, doing more and getting more, since Weiner will clearly be the stay-at-home parent once his … [Read more...]

Today’s cup: Weiner distractions, the economy, the Mavericks, and The Tony Awards

Democrats are worried that the Anthony Weiner scandal will continue to distract them from the work at hand and senior leaders in the House want him to resign.  Friends and I bemoan Weiner’s disturbing tendency to take photos of himself with his Blackberry (go ahead and check out TMZ’s “House Gym Rat” collection), putting at risk a voice liberals have enjoyed hearing fight for injustice.  But while I’m snickering about Weiner, I’m continuing to get my work done.  We all are.  We’ve re-discovered … [Read more...]

Today’s cup: Oprah, al Qaeda’s new guy, Rick Perry, and “The Good Wife”

Al Qaeda has reportedly chosen its new leader, in light of the death of Osama bin Laden, so America now has a new enemy #1.  His name is Martin Flubowsky, also known as Marty.  Not really.  He’s Saif al-Adel, he’s Egyptian, and he’s probably not a very nice man.  Rumor has it that bin Laden’s number two guy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, is miffed for being passed over. Every famous person alive today, and even some dead ones, paid tribute to Oprah Winfrey on Tuesday in a taping of two shows leading up to … [Read more...]