In the kitchen with Jo: Italian chicken stew

Italian chicken stew

Pinterest is often an excellent place to troll for recipes because first you see the photo of the dish.  I generally get an image in my head of what I want a certain meal to look like so even if the recipe got five stars, I won’t bother investigating if the picture is not what I had in mind.  Years ago, when I went searching for a how-to on carnitas, I was looking for pork that was made crispy, more dark brown than beige.  For me, Irish stew had to look like meat sitting in a bowl of Guinness.  … [Read more...]

In the kitchen with Jo: simple tri-tip steak

Tri tip steak

During the school soccer season, I coach, so in addition to the girls’ club practice schedules, there’s that.  From 3-8pm every day, all bets are off and I’m in the car, on the pitch, or managing issues associated with sports that involve the kicking or hitting of a ball.  But every now and then, the stars align, the heavens open up, and I find myself staring at an hour on a random Thursday afternoon with no commitments on the board.  On the miracle spectrum, it’s not Lourdes or the loaves and … [Read more...]

Thursdays in the kitchen with Jo: lasagna for now and later

Our family is about to enter a new phase of soccer madness. Bun Bun made it onto an All Star team and, along with her sisters, is also playing soccer for her school.  Between the three of them, there'll be about ten soccer commitments a week.  If we want to be fed, I have to make some dinners ahead of time, freeze them and then thaw and bake when needed.  I haven't found too many great casserole recipes but I'm working on it.  Today, I decided to indulge my family with a tasty lasagna.  It … [Read more...]

Thursdays in the kitchen with Jo: puddin’ chocolate chip cookies

I will have no less than six children over this afternoon.  Good thing I made some cookies.  Maybe you should do the same, even if it’s just you and the dog watching the “Grey’s Anatomy”/”Private Practice” crossover episode tonight.  I just love those crossover episodes! This recipe makes about 60 cookies.  I usually mix in some walnuts with the last 8-10 spoonfuls of batter before I cook them.  My kids don’t like their cookies with nuts, so this assures me my fair share. Puddin’ Chocolate … [Read more...]

The 8th Day of Thanksgiving: garlic mashed potatoes

ON THE EIGHTH DAY OF THANKSGIVING, MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME: EIGHT MASHED POTATOES, 7 yams a-sweetening, 6 cups of green beans, 5 decorative gourds, 4 colanders, 3 fancy breads, 2 turkeys brining, and a pork shoulder of carnitas. Are you really hoping to get the recipe for Jo’s Famous Garlic Mashed Potatoes? Now? Really? ‘Cause I don’t have a recipe. I use lots of butter, salt, garlic, whole milk and black pepper. Did I mention the butter, salt and garlic? I just made about 15 pounds of the … [Read more...]

The 7th day of Thanksgiving: yams with marshmallows

ON THE SEVENTH DAY OF THANKSGIVING, MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME: SEVEN YAMS A-SWEETENING, 6 cups of green beans, 5 decorative gourds, 4 colanders, 3 fancy breads, 2 turkeys brining, and a pork shoulder of carnitas My mother is a very practical woman, so I was aghast and conversely pleased when I discovered that her marshmallow yams were made with the real thing – peeled, boiled and smooshed. No canned yams for my mom, oh no, not her. The dish is as much for the kids to get their potassium, fiber, … [Read more...]