The morning cup: Wednesday, 10/13/10

The Chileans miners!!  They’re free!!  Well, not all of them, but sixteen so far.  Here’s a description of the first twelve from AP and some video from YouTube and CBS.  (Also, a live stream from UStreamLive).  I was in front of the television last night, watching, and assumed the rocks that the second miner, Mario Sepulveda Espina, handed out were filled with gold as the San Jose mine where they’ve been hanging out for two months is a copper-gold mine.  I have yet to have my assumptions … [Read more...]

The morning cup: Monday, 10/11/10

I had a sinking feeling in my stomach yesterday when I read about the kidnapped British aid worker, Linda Norgrove, who was reportedly killed during a U.S. rescue operation in Afghanistan over the weekend. Turns out my instincts were right and an investigation is underway to determine if a grenade launched by the rescuers led to another Pat Tillman scenario. Those wacky Chilean miners are at it again.  Now, they’re arguing over who goes last up the rescue shaft. They’re all vying for the … [Read more...]

The morning cup: Friday, 10/8/10

You may have heard a reservoir at an aluminum facility in Hungary burst this week, killing five people and creating the worst toxic disaster in the country’s history.  The sludge reached the Danube River but government officials say it won’t harm the wildlife.  Huh? Imprisoned Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo won the Nobel Peace Prize today.  In response, China shut down all news of the announcement in the media and hinted at hostile relations with Norway as retaliation.  The situation strikes me … [Read more...]

The morning cup: Tuesday, 10/5/10

Those Chilean miners may be out of their dark, intimate lair in a matter of days, not weeks.  Underground since August 5th, reports a huge drill hole may reach them as soon as this weekend.  Oh, the stories these guys are going to tell. The Democrats are gaining ground on Republicans in recent polls addressing “likely voters” but are still pathetically apathetic.  Do they (we) not understand what’s at stake? Fred Phelps is the patriarch behind the Westboro Baptist Church of Kansas.  … [Read more...]

Friday fodder: from Chilean miners to “As the World Turns”

The tale of the Chilean miners is morbidly fascinating.  Good news came their way today when the “Plan B” bore hole reached the 33 men trapped in the mine since early August.  Work will now focus on making the bore hole big enough for the men to fit through.  Instead of a Christmas-time rescue, the workers may see the light of the day as early as the end of October or early November. Mahmoud Abbas has not walked away from the negotiating table yet, during the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks in … [Read more...]

Wednesday wonders

I wonder, about a lot of things.  I could Google all my queries and find out how to train a dragon, for instance, but I’d rather just wonder.  I wonder why dogs turn in circles before finally settling down and tucking themselves into a tight ball.  If I knew, it might not be so adorable.  I wonder why the phrase “when pigs fly”.  Why not cats, or did they once fly millions of years ago and would therefore dilute the saying? You can find the answers to just about any question online at, … [Read more...]