The morning cup: Tuesday, 10/5/10

Those Chilean miners may be out of their dark, intimate lair in a matter of days, not weeks.  Underground since August 5th, reports a huge drill hole may reach them as soon as this weekend.  Oh, the stories these guys are going to tell.

The Democrats are gaining ground on Republicans in recent polls addressing “likely voters” but are still pathetically apathetic.  Do they (we) not understand what’s at stake?

Fred Phelps is the patriarch behind the Westboro Baptist Church of Kansas.  They’re the hateful people who keep showing up at soldiers’ funerals claiming the Iraq war was about spreading a homosexual agenda.  “That’s what I preach.  They’re either fags or fucking enablers…”  Oral arguments begin tomorrow in front of the Supreme Court on whether or not Phelps and his gang have a constitutional right to be horribly cruel.  Regardless of the outcome, the Westboro Baptist Church needs to be silenced.  I’m not suggesting violence but rather a community of hundreds or thousands silently arriving at Phelps’ destinations of protest (he telegraphs them) and demonstrating our constitutional right to gather, protect and be kind at the expense of assholes.  (I don’t think that’s actually anywhere in the constitution, but it should be.)

When is that last time you were rejected and subsequently pulled yourself into a tight ball, retreated to the back of a dark closet and cried?  Caitlin Kelly at Salon has ten reasons why rejection won’t kill you.

Do you have an iPad?  I don’t, and I’m feeling a little like the way I did when I’d walk into a Blockbuster back in the day trying to find the latest release on VHS.  I felt nerdy, not hip.  DVDs were cool and I wasn’t because I had nothing to play them on.  Today, I find out that the iPad is taking over the world and is now the fastest selling gizmo out there. Fine.

Pakistani-American Faisal Shahzad was just sentenced to life in prison for the attempted bombing in Times Square last May.  He pleaded guilty in June.

A full night’s sleep is the ticket.  It makes for a healthier you.  It may also create a thinner you.  From WebMD, read about how lack of sleep could be responsible for your jeans becoming mysteriously tighter.

Let’s be cordial today, shall we?

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