The morning cup: Wednesday, 10/13/10

The Chileans miners!!  They’re free!!  Well, not all of them, but sixteen so far.  Here’s a description of the first twelve from AP and some video from YouTube and CBS.  (Also, a live stream from UStreamLive).  I was in front of the television last night, watching, and assumed the rocks that the second miner, Mario Sepulveda Espina, handed out were filled with gold as the San Jose mine where they’ve been hanging out for two months is a copper-gold mine.  I have yet to have my assumptions confirmed.  Everyone’s just talking about them as “rocks”.  Why would Espina bring his rescuers rocks?  Regardless, the whole thing is fantastic.

In Riverside, California yesterday, Judge Virginia Phillips ordered a halt to the enforcement of dismissals of gay personnel in the military.  Last month, Phillips ruled that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was unconstitutional.  Tuesday, her ruling went into action.  The White House is now deciding whether or not appeal.  Don’t appeal.

Also in California, Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown participated in their last debate before the November elections.  Wish there was something positive to report, but neither come across as great candidates for the job.

New regulations put into place after the BP oil spill have given the Obama administration enough confidence to lift the five-month old moratorium on deep water drilling in the Gulf.  In addition to providing 30% of the U.S. domestic oil supply, the industry is a main provider of jobs and essential to the economy in the Gulf states.  Fingers crossed and nothing is perfect.

Starbucks just came out with some new rules that might make the lines even longer.  Baristas will now have to steam fresh milk for every latte and cappuccino.  What’s next?  No five-second rule on dropped pumpkin scones?

JP Morgan Chase just reported a 23% jump in profits for their 3rd quarter.  Despite high unemployment and a sluggish economy, fewer consumers are falling behind on their credit card bills, and stupid mortgages are no longer being handed out.  Therefore, JP Morgan is setting aside less money to cover bad loans.  I thought it was interesting.

Get this.  Chocolate donuts for breakfast may be just what your brain needs to start the day.  From, one of my favorite websites.  Guess what I picked up after my run this morning?

I hope I’m not pedantic today.  I hope you’re not either.

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  1. Mare says

    The only other thing I know about the rocks that they brought up from the mine, are that they were signed by all the miners down below. Look for them soon on Ebay!!!

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