Tuesday’s ten things, because I’ve been away so long…

jack the dog

…and none of these deserve their own post. Separation of church and state – fine! – but most Americans celebrate Easter or Passover and they fall within the same time frame this year, April 14-22, so what the hell are all these school districts thinking scheduling spring break in March?  Goldie goes to Catholic school and so is off late next week and the week after.  Bun Bun and Miss T attend a secular, libertine, hedonistic institution that has turned their back on God and family, so were … [Read more...]

Monday motherhood: the week’s empty nest


My three siblings who have children all experienced an empty nest in the past few years, my brother just recently.  I can barely talk to them about it because I love a full house and can’t imagine the deafening silence that will ensue once the girls have flown the coop.  On an itty-bitty scale, let’s talk about Mondays. We’re in an excellent place right now with our kids.  Regarding the delicate years around puberty (as bad a word as penis and vagina, I think), Goldie is happily on the other … [Read more...]

Friday’s 5 things: aging, dogs, Eggers, the anniversary, and a pirate movie

A Hologram for the King

- Most of you know (broken record) that I’ve been injured, which is to say I’ve barely run in the past three months.  There’s been weight gain, general weepiness, and a semi-conscious retreat from life.  Alternate exercise has caused pain also.  First, I thought it was simply a chiropractic issue and after Dr. Greg adjusted me, all would be well.  After two visits, I felt better but only by half.  I continued to rest and stretch a bit and finally went to the doctor, telling him I thought it was … [Read more...]

Weekend cafe: get a dog

Every so often, I need to write a post on the wonders of owning a dog.  Here’s one for the file: This past Thursday afternoon someone tried to break into our house while I was home.  “That’s terrible!” you might say, to which I would respond, “Not really.” I was sitting in our den, which is located in the back of the house, furiously typing away on my laptop, trying to finish up a project.  Our two dogs and our guest dog, the Luck Man, started barking furiously at the front door, the way … [Read more...]

My Tuesday take: my dog and her cone of shame

We’ve all seen “Up”, right?  If you haven’t, rent it.  It’s a gem.  Dug, the dog, is forced to wear a fetching, plastic Elizabethan collar known as the cone of shame. Okay, so Shelby was scratching, gnawing actually, at her backside last week but I was busy with this and that, and dogs are always chewing at something, right?  Am I right?  We got back from a day of soccer on Saturday and BAM!  Shelby had an icky, two-inch bald wound on her back that was flaming.  It’s Saturday afternoon.  Who … [Read more...]

Wednesday whatever: Shelby and Jack

Every once in a while I have to write about dogs.  I can’t help myself.  I brake for dogs.  I let them lick my face, even the ones I don’t know.  There appears to be no limit to the amount of affection I can offer Shelby and Jack.  The girls often have to fight for my love.  The dogs?  Not so much. For Mother’s Day (shut up, I have moved on), the dogs gave me a card.  I know they didn’t buy it themselves, but neither did my daughters buy me the Ann Taylor shirts or GAP pajamas I got Sunday … [Read more...]