My silver linings playbook

C'mon, It's just a drawing.

Five minutes ago, I wrote about Goldie—off to high school. This fall, she’s applying to college and will be out of the house next August. Picture me now, lying on my stomach, pounding my fists and feet into the carpet. It appears I’m exercising; I’m actually falling apart. Too much? Over the top? Maybe. But understand I’ve struggled to define life’s purpose, as I know many of us do and have, and motherhood provided answers—immediate, well-defined, profound. Yes, Goldie will still need me from … [Read more...]

Goodnight Big Red Barn

red barn pic

We said goodbye to my childhood home this week. Please excuse me while I grab some tissue. In 1966, I was barely four when we moved in, after a brief stint in Tarzana, and New Jersey before that. The man on the Mayflower truck handed me a couch cushion to bring inside “the barn” that morning. My two sisters and I settled into the large bedroom upstairs next to the master, with two walk-in closets and its own bathroom, including an odd-shaped tub and a wall heater where we burned many a naked … [Read more...]

Do not vote for Trump – Reason #25

Hazel may sleep through this election.

Last week, I casually mentioned that I’d share with you 84 reasons why you should not vote for Donald Trump. What I’d prefer instead is to shift from nonchalant to very serious, since there is much at stake. First, some perspective: In the last election, Mitt Romney was not my candidate. I’m an avowed Democrat and my stance on most issues is liberal and fact-based. But in 2012, if pressed, I would readily admit that Romney was smart, capable, and levelheaded. My disappointment had he won … [Read more...]

Let’s talk about the presidency

Because she's so much cuter than the GOP front-runner.

Where do I begin? On the front page of most newspapers last week, if there were six articles, four were about Donald Trump. This week, we’re down to two or three but still too many, particularly since any piece about the GOP presumptive nominee that is more than three letters – WTF – should be dismissed outright as indicative of a nation that has lost its mind. I cannot add to the noise without losing my own. But... …six months from today we will have our next president. IT CANNOT … [Read more...]

San Bernardino, and bird by bird

san bernardino copy

I’m a news junkie. After 9/11, even while cradling baby Bun Bun in my arms, I watched and read the news relentlessly. After Paris two weeks ago, the same. I kept wanting to write something, but everywhere - newspapers and blogs, Twitter and Facebook - each notion and opinion of mine was covered except, I thought, the one I couldn’t share, the idea I didn’t want to speak out loud. If I give it a voice, it might happen. I don’t want to scare my kids.  And then today, the New York Times printed … [Read more...]

Tuesday talk: on being Christian…

starbucks red coffee cups copy

…Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, or human. Growing up, in Catholic school and out, the good nuns and priests, the lay teachers and my parents, taught me three things (not one of which was how to tie my shoelaces properly): Do unto others God = love To thine ownself be true The first two are biblical, the last Shakespearean. Specifically growing up Christian, we were taught that the basics of morality derived from Christ and his teachings. I got the sense from my parents that this … [Read more...]