Monday motherhood: the light, the bushel

My view from lunch yesterday, just because.

I have little interest in explaining my continued absences from Daily Cup of Jo because I’ve too often told you I’m back, and then just as quickly gone away again. That’s unreliable, and immature. Except today, it’s Monday Motherhood and the two issues are related. So forgive me and...hello again. I’ve feigned maturity over the years. It’s been useful, especially when I’ve desired treatment as an adult. But inside, I’ve known the truth – that I’m mostly faking this grown-up thing because I … [Read more...]

Catching up/random thoughts, part 2: Shonda Rhimes, homosexuals, and red wine; being a woman in a man’s world

women in sports

- In June, after school was out, I fell into “Scandal”. It’s unclear how it happened but Netflix is mostly to blame. I was a huge fan of Shonda Rhimes’ “Grey’s Anatomy” at the beginning, before things got stupid, and so I put my faith and many evenings into binge-watching Rhimes’ sexy series set in Washington DC because I’ll give just about any show set in DC a chance. I hate/love politics. (I’m not entirely sold on “Madam Secretary” but I do like Tea Leoni, cold on Bebe Neuwirth.) Anyhooooo, … [Read more...]

Catching up/random thoughts – part 1: autumn, Ebola, emoticons, and griping


Where have you been?! I suppose you could ask the same of me. I took a part-time job. The girls needed new shoes. In addition to my other seven part-time jobs, it’s been busy. You? A lot has happened and been observed. Can we talk? - My basil plant outside died because when summer ends here I stop watering, which is nonsensical because it hasn’t rained here in sixteen years. I stop watering because after school starts, I no longer think about my basil plant. When school starts, it’s … [Read more...]

Thursday thoughts: philosopher Jo

Life just goes on.

Last Sunday morning, doing 80mph on the highway heading south to a soccer tournament, I spotted a highway patrol before I could slow down. So did seven other drivers. A few things: 1. Nearly everyone does eighty on a Sunday morning in the Southland because we CAN (it feels like the Autobahn). 2. What the hell is the CHP doing up at 6am on a Sunday? 3. Does he feel powerful shooting fish in a barrel? (Quotas?) Slowing down to 75mph, his headlights blinked as I went by so I braced … [Read more...]

Wednesday words on Paris: je t’aime

One of the many lock bridges in Paris.

We got back last Tuesday but, seeing as I haven’t written in two months, what are a few days after the fact, between friends? I’ve missed each and every one of you. So Paris. Have you been? I hadn’t. The husband had work there the week of July 4th and kept trying to convince me that I should go along and take the girls. “Three kids in private school, three kids in private school…” I regularly mumble whenever spending large amounts of money is suggested, but then my smart friends told me to go … [Read more...]

Wednesday’s top ten: car and driver


(This was supposed to be Tuesday's top ten - alliteration and all that - but things are crazy around here.  You don't care, do you?) Goldie will be driving before long and so when we’re in the car together, I try to impart the wisdom of the road.  She’ll learn plenty in Drivers’ Ed, but there’s so much knowledge to gain by simply taking the wheel, unless Jesus takes it first. My mantra to her is and will continue to be, “Your job is to get from Point A to Point B as safely as you can, not … [Read more...]