San Bernardino, and bird by bird

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I’m a news junkie. After 9/11, even while cradling baby Bun Bun in my arms, I watched and read the news relentlessly. After Paris two weeks ago, the same. I kept wanting to write something, but everywhere - newspapers and blogs, Twitter and Facebook - each notion and opinion of mine was covered except, I thought, the one I couldn’t share, the idea I didn’t want to speak out loud. If I give it a voice, it might happen. I don’t want to scare my kids.  And then today, the New York Times printed … [Read more...]

Weekly words on gun control: anticipation


For the sake of nothing really, let’s call the school that Miss T and Bun Bun attend Hogwarts.  The other morning, Miss T told me about a site on Instagram or Snapchat or Facebook – some social media site – called “Hogwarts’ Confessions." On it, students can anonymously tell other students that they’re pretty or smart or reveal that they ‘totally’ love someone on campus, or even that Mr. So-and-So is the best teacher ever.  Knowing the full freedom of the world-wide-web, it sounded to me like an … [Read more...]