L.A. blogger JoAnn NeilWhat do you want to know?

My name is JoAnn Egan Neil.  Friends and enemies occasionally call me Jo.

I live in Los Angeles.  I’d rather live in New York but you can’t have everything, can you?  I have three daughters and a loving husband.  Most days, that’s enough.

When I write, I’m happy.  When I run, I’m happy.  I don’t/can’t always write and run, so I’m not always happy, but who is?  I’m asking you – who is?

I started this blog in 2009.  It’s called “Daily Cup of Jo” because I’m an eternal optimist.  I still think I can get to it and to you daily, even though sometimes it’s only weekly.  After my mom died last December (2012), it’s been monthly. Losing a parent is hard.

For the sake of privacy (ha!), on this blog I refer to my girls as Goldie (the oldie), Bun Bun (the middle one), and Miss T (because her name starts with ‘T’ and don’t mess with her).  They are, respectively, 14-, 12-, and 10-years old.  I’m fifty.  There, I said it.

I write about politics, parenting, food, sports, books, movies, and everything that falls under the category of ‘life’.  In other words, this site is not nearly as successful as it could be if I only wrote about, say, the Kardashians.  Not everyone knows about my blog.  It’s up to you to tell your friends and lovers about Daily Cup and how it will enrich their lives.  If anyone knows the Kardashians, tell them.

Oh and I love coffee.  Half-caff with room for milk.  Intelligentsia is my favorite brew, with Peet’s right behind.  Please send me some.
My favorite color is purple.  The New York Jets are my team – sad, I know.  I could have pizza for dinner every night of my life.  I like dogs more than people and I like people a lot, so you can imagine how lucky my dogs are.  Belly scratches abound.

There’s more.  Read my blog.  And thank you.


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