Catching up/random thoughts, part 2: Shonda Rhimes, homosexuals, and red wine; being a woman in a man’s world

women in sports

- In June, after school was out, I fell into “Scandal”. It’s unclear how it happened but Netflix is mostly to blame. I was a huge fan of Shonda Rhimes’ “Grey’s Anatomy” at the beginning, before things got stupid, and so I put my faith and many evenings into binge-watching Rhimes’ sexy series set in Washington DC because I’ll give just about any show set in DC a chance. I hate/love politics. (I’m not entirely sold on “Madam Secretary” but I do like Tea Leoni, cold on Bebe Neuwirth.) Anyhooooo, … [Read more...]

Wednesday words on Paris: je t’aime

One of the many lock bridges in Paris.

We got back last Tuesday but, seeing as I haven’t written in two months, what are a few days after the fact, between friends? I’ve missed each and every one of you. So Paris. Have you been? I hadn’t. The husband had work there the week of July 4th and kept trying to convince me that I should go along and take the girls. “Three kids in private school, three kids in private school…” I regularly mumble whenever spending large amounts of money is suggested, but then my smart friends told me to go … [Read more...]

The Grammy Awards

macklemore grammys

The husband and I only watch for the performances because the awards themselves are usually ridiculous.  Daft Punk?  Really?  When their song “Get Lucky” came out last year, I couldn’t turn the radio dial fast enough.  It’s an outrageously mediocre song.  Watching two robots get up each time the group won something last night stole some gravitas, if there is any, from the telecast. The old-timers are usually fun to watch though occasionally cringe-worthy – e.g. Ringo Starr/there’s a reason he … [Read more...]

Moving into 2014. Books make us better.


I’ve often told my daughters, and the kids I coach, that nauseous feelings of anticipation are often the worst they’ll feel. When Miss T suddenly complains of aches before soccer practice, I tell her that once she’s there, she’ll be fine. And she ALWAYS is. Goldie is apprehensive about school on Monday mornings but at 3pm when I pick her up, she’s generally had a great day. When we realize, in the thick of the thing about which we were so nervous, that our world will not end, that we will not … [Read more...]

2013 was…


  ...layered. At the top, resting on everything else - often as harmless as a high cloud, sometimes as heavy as a textbook - was Mom's passing. She died at the end of 2012 and so '13 was colored with unexpected emotion. I didn't write much at Daily Cup this past year, but when I did, it was often about her. Having children changed my life immeasurably by the addition of others - plus three - but just as colossal was losing my mom - minus one. I'm ready to 'move on' even as I'm sure … [Read more...]

App advice: Waze

The Waze icon.

I’ve always been a firm believer that stress is the root cause of bad things – disease, depression, cold sores on lips.  It’s imperative we reduce the amount in our daily lives.  It starts with managing expectations.  If our goals lean toward perfection – the ideal weight, the always-fulfilling job, the polite and helpful 2.3 children – we will continuously be disappointed and disappointment causes stress.  If we expect green lights and punctual arrivals and get red lights instead, we will drive … [Read more...]