The Grammy Awards

The husband and I only watch for the performances because the awards themselves are usually ridiculous.  macklemore grammysDaft Punk?  Really?  When their song “Get Lucky” came out last year, I couldn’t turn the radio dial fast enough.  It’s an outrageously mediocre song.  Watching two robots get up each time the group won something last night stole some gravitas, if there is any, from the telecast.

The old-timers are usually fun to watch though occasionally cringe-worthy – e.g. Ringo Starr/there’s a reason he was the Beatles’ non-lead-singing drummer – but Madonna just disturbed me.  The cane and freaky face sent me to Google to ask what was wrong with her, which was a shame because the couples who exchanged rings in the aisle after Macklemore’s “Same Love” were sweet.

If you didn’t watch last night, you need to visit YouTube and check out:

Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who opened the show impressively with “Drunk in Love”, throwing down the gauntlet as if to say ‘top this’.  Few did.

– Among the few? My girl-crush Pink.  She nearly outdid her “Glitter in the Air” performance of four years ago when she offered a Cirque de Soleil-like piece, swinging from fabric above the audience while singing “Try”.  Unfortunately, her hard work (is there a harder working performer in pop today?) was not met equally by Nate Ruess’ flat voice on their duet “Just Give Me a Reason”.

– Lorde.  Her song “Royals”, delivered gothically and with confidence, suggests she’s no one-hit-wonder.  She’s also seventeen.

John Legend.  He proved why he’ll one day be considered a legend with “All of Me”, a tender ballad he sang with great range and passion at the piano. (Though not as passionately as Taylor Swift.  Should she appear in a neck brace today, we’ll understand why).

Carole King and Sara Bareilles.  Their mash-up of Bareilles’ “Brave” and King’s “Beautiful” (from back when ‘mash-up’ wasn’t a thing), sitting at separate pianos facing each other, was a reminder that we love Carole King and we’re happy Bareilles appreciates her legacy.

Did I mention this is all in my humble opinion?  Do I have to?

‘Monday Motherhood’ back tomorrow, retitled ‘Tuesday Truckers’.

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  1. Beth says

    LOVED Carole King and Sara Bareilles…I mean does Carole King age?? she looked and sounded great – and Sara matched her note for note.

    I didn’t see the whole show so can’t comment on others – except, yes, we will be shaking our heads over the robots for years to come.

  2. Mary Anne says

    As usual you are spot on in that your humble opinion mirrors mine. We watched as a family. Had a lots of funny moments as each generation tried to fill in the blanks for the other. We had our differences but much more agreement – all loved Pink, think we should add more John Legend to our ITunes library, my children pointed out all those who had too much plastic surgery and we agreed the robots were undeserving. LL Cool J said it – music brings us together.

  3. Anne says

    I agree with most all of your feelings except yours and my girl-crush Pink. Well OK, I guess my partner is my real girl crush but Pink is a close second!. Not thrilled with her air performance…a bit like ground hog day…did she not do much the same thing last time?? Although still love her! She way out sung and out emotioned (not sure if that’s a word but you know what I mean) Nate Ruess.

    And Ozzy Osbourne…what the what? as my 4 year old would say!!

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