Monday motherhood: the Pope, the Big Gulp, and spring has sprung

Some thoughts on current events that have nothing to do with motherhood: The Pope: we’ll see.  He’s a Jesuit, which, according to my late father who attended Fordham, is the only order of priests worth belonging to.  Francis cares deeply about the poor and pays hotels bills on time and in person – great.  But it’s safe to say he won’t inspire radical changes within the doctrine of the Catholic Church, the changes essential for continued survival if it’s to recover from scandal and then remain … [Read more...]

Random Wednesday: Romney, “Downton Abbey”, Forever 21, and broken appliances

Mitt Romney can finally claim victory in Iowa after beating Rick Santorum – that’s right, Rick Santorum – by eight votes – that’s right, eight – and move on to New Hampshire next Tuesday.  He’ll win there, also, and eventually be the Republican nominee whether they want him or not.  I complained in 2000 about folks who voted for George W. Bush because they thought he was the kind of guy ‘you could sit down and have a beer with.’  I wanted voters to set the bar higher and not end sentences in … [Read more...]

Today’s cup: European cucumbers, hackers, and the food pyramid will soon be gone

Laboratory tests have concluded that Spanish cucumbers are not to blame for the E coli bacteria outbreak in Europe that has now caused 16 deaths, so the origin of the contamination remains a mystery.  More than a thousand people have been sickened in Germany, where fifteen of the deaths occurred, as well as France, Denmark, Spain, Britain and Sweden. Sarah Palin’s Magical Mystery Tour continued in Pennsylvania on Tuesday.  Still no word on a presidential run. Moamar Gaddafi (new spelling … [Read more...]

Today’s cup: deadly weather, goodbye Oprah, and Palin’s new movie

The weather across the U.S. continues to be brutal, and deadly.  Thirteen more people were killed Tuesday after storms moved through Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas, adding to the death toll from the tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri on Sunday, which now stands at 122. “Don’t mess with my Medicare” must have been on a campaign poster somewhere for New York’s twenty-sixth House seat, since the entitlement program was the single issue over which voters elected a Democrat in a red, red, red … [Read more...]

Sunday cafe: Fukushima, southern storms, soaps and Sarah Palin

Thirty people were killed in severe weather storms that have raged across six southern states since Thursday, and the number is expected to rise.  Tornado watches have even been issued in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas.  This is in no way a scientific assessment, but the last ten months or so, in terms of weather, have been the craziest I can remember. TEPCO, the operator of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant, announced that it will take six to nine months to successfully have the … [Read more...]

Today’s cup: oil prices, Libya Day Six, the Sweet Sixteen, and dog photos

There’s been no “Mission Accomplished” moment in Tripoli yet as the allied military operation to defeat Gadhafi’s (this spelling seems to be popular) forces entered its sixth day.  Seems the coalition fighting for the rebels has dealt a crippling blow to Gadhafi’s air force but he fights on.  President Obama appears anxious to hand over the leadership role in the maneuvers to NATO as soon as possible. The bombing at a bus station in Jerusalem Wednesday has put an obvious crimp in Israeli talks … [Read more...]