Today’s cup: European cucumbers, hackers, and the food pyramid will soon be gone

Laboratory tests have concluded that Spanish cucumbers are not to blame for the E coli bacteria outbreak in Europe that has now caused 16 deaths, so the origin of the contamination remains a mystery.  More than a thousand people have been sickened in Germany, where fifteen of the deaths occurred, as well as France, Denmark, Spain, Britain and Sweden.

Sarah Palin’s Magical Mystery Tour continued in Pennsylvania on Tuesday.  Still no word on a presidential run.

Moamar Gaddafi (new spelling today) has indicated to South African president Jacob Zuma, in Libya to try and reason with the madman, that he will agree to a ceasefire and is interested in peace but will not step down as leader of “his country”.  Libya’s rebel forces and NATO insist that Gaddafi’s resignation is a must-have in negotiations to end the now three-month-old conflict.

The flooding in Montana continued Monday after more rain in the region fell Sunday, and residents of South Dakota braced for the Missouri River’s overflow heading their way.

The Saudi Arabian woman who was jailed for driving-while-female was released from prison after nine days in custody because, according to The Guardian, she has agreed to cease and desist with efforts to further the campaign of Women2Drive.  The group protests the country’s policy that it is illegal for a woman to take the wheel.

They’re calling it “Weinergate”, seriously.  Fox News, with its headline “Rep. Weiner Retains Lawyer Amid Frenzy Over Lewd Photo” is suggesting New York congressman Anthony Weiner is guilty of something, though he insists his Twitter account was hacked after being accused of sending an underwear-clad crotch shot to a Seattle college student.  Her name is Gennette Cordova and she’s disgusted with the entire affair, even going so far as to write what she hopes is a definitive letter addressing the absurdity – and it is absurd.  Weiner hired the lawyer to investigate and perhaps bring charges against the hackers.

Speaking of, they’re everywhere.  PBS had its website hacked with reports that the late rapper Tupac Shakur was alive and well and living in New Zealand.  I’m surprised we haven’t heard more of these stories prior to today.

The big sports news, of course, is the resignation of Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel after alleged rules violations by members of the team, which Tressel failed to report.  Michael Rosenberg at Sports Illustrated has some thoughts.

The NBA finals begin tonight with the Miami Heat taking on the Dallas Mavericks at 9pm EST, on ABC.

The food pyramid was supposed to help us make healthy food choices, but mostly it just confused us.  Come Thursday, the USDA is rolling out the food plate to once and for all get us to eat more vegetables and fruits and less Nacho Cheese Doritos.  Hope it works.

I’ve been remiss the last two weeks with my Thursday recipes and for that, I apologize.  I came across this recipe for a “pizza braid” and thought it looked like fun, especially if you have to feed a bunch of kids.  I’m going to try it this week.

The word taciturn came up in conversation this morning and it’s a good word, though describes no one in my immediate family.

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