Tuesday talk: Romney and the 47% of Americans who are shiftless losers

Of course I’m going to jump into the latest story about Romney.  And while I don’t believe for one second that I’ll convince a Republican to vote for President Obama based on my reaction to the situation, I occasionally use my blog to simply give voice to the outrage so many of us feel – not necessarily about Mitt – but about politics in general. First, let’s start out with my guy.  Obama was guilty of terrible insensitivity in 2008 when he said, about small town citizens in Pennsylvania and … [Read more...]

Weekend cafe: SOPA, PIPA, Mitt, and Newt

The husband and I nearly named two of our girls SOPA and PIPA oh those many years ago, unaware of how controversial they’d become in 2012.  Fortunately, we opted for names more traditional, in the Irish vein, and avoided the embarrassment of having to explain the coincidence with this week’s congressional legislative brouhaha. By now you know that SOPA stands for Stupid Online Piracy Act and PIPA breaks down as Poopy Internet Piracy Act.  Their purpose was to stop the stealing of copyrighted … [Read more...]

Random Wednesday: Romney, “Downton Abbey”, Forever 21, and broken appliances

Mitt Romney can finally claim victory in Iowa after beating Rick Santorum – that’s right, Rick Santorum – by eight votes – that’s right, eight – and move on to New Hampshire next Tuesday.  He’ll win there, also, and eventually be the Republican nominee whether they want him or not.  I complained in 2000 about folks who voted for George W. Bush because they thought he was the kind of guy ‘you could sit down and have a beer with.’  I wanted voters to set the bar higher and not end sentences in … [Read more...]

Today’s cup: Massachusetts tornado, Anthony Weiner, Mitt Romney, and MyPlate

Watch this video as a tornado takes shape in Springfield, Massachusetts on Wednesday.  Four people were killed in the storm and dozens injured.  Governor Deval Patrick declared a state of emergency in an effort to help the search, rescue and clean-up of the areas in western and central Massachusetts that were hit the hardest. I don’t want to report on the Anthony Weiner/Twitter scandal but when Weiner was asked point blank on Wednesday whether or not the crotch shot sent to a college student in … [Read more...]