Moving into 2014. Books make us better.


I’ve often told my daughters, and the kids I coach, that nauseous feelings of anticipation are often the worst they’ll feel. When Miss T suddenly complains of aches before soccer practice, I tell her that once she’s there, she’ll be fine. And she ALWAYS is. Goldie is apprehensive about school on Monday mornings but at 3pm when I pick her up, she’s generally had a great day. When we realize, in the thick of the thing about which we were so nervous, that our world will not end, that we will not … [Read more...]

Tuesday’s tiny review: Louise Erdrich’s The Round House

The Round House book jacket

If you ever read the “By the Book” section of the New York Times Sunday Book Review, you’d know that when the interviewee is asked, “Who are your favorite authors?”, it’s not uncommon to see Louise Erdrich’s name on the list – and yet none of her novels were on my shelf.  It’s a terrible oversight on my part (among many) that I was anxious to remedy.  The Round House was her latest, had received the National Book Award for Fiction (2012), and so I picked it up and finished it last week.  Here’s … [Read more...]

Sunday cafe: reading books

Yesterday, after a morning run in Pacific Palisades, my friends and I headed for breakfast on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica.  It was cold and foggy.  The weather, combined with endorphins that chimed in like a reliable Swiss clock, gave me that stupid feeling for several minutes that all things were possible.  During my bowl of oatmeal, talk turned to books. I heard pretty much what everyone was saying even as I daydreamed about spending the rest of my life on my butt in a chair paging through … [Read more...]