Grow up. Pink pussy hats are just an accessory.

beth gunn pink pussy hat

  The shut down was smart. The shut down was stupid. DACA is dead. Long live CHIP! #MeToo will fix everything. Aziz Ansari. Bob Mueller will save us all. Ugh. There is much to appreciate about getting older but only if wisdom accumulates, the eyes from which you see the world are open and clear, and the reactive mind expands. Take a breath and grow up. Without maturity, without understanding subtlety, compromise, and shades of grey, we’re in a pickle (but not … [Read more...]

Harvey and DACA, unlikely bedfellows

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Holy cow. If I lived near Houston, now Port Arthur and Beaumont, and had a boat, I’d have headed over to pick up as many stranded souls as I could. But I don’t, so I couldn’t. I’ve sent money to All Hands Volunteers, I’ve been in touch with friends from Texas in the thick of it, and I’m confident that what can be done there IS being done, at whatever pace is physically possible. Wondering why Houston wasn’t evacuated? Read this article from WaPo. In a nutshell, it’s numbers and lives. While … [Read more...]