Today’s cup: oil prices, Libya Day Six, the Sweet Sixteen, and dog photos

There’s been no “Mission Accomplished” moment in Tripoli yet as the allied military operation to defeat Gadhafi’s (this spelling seems to be popular) forces entered its sixth day.  Seems the coalition fighting for the rebels has dealt a crippling blow to Gadhafi’s air force but he fights on.  President Obama appears anxious to hand over the leadership role in the maneuvers to NATO as soon as possible. The bombing at a bus station in Jerusalem Wednesday has put an obvious crimp in Israeli talks … [Read more...]

Wednesday: almost wordless

Taking care of a sick child, preparing for sick child’s birthday party, driving to Timbuktu for middle daughter’s basketball game which ends up being cancelled, picking up oldest daughter at boys’ football game in opposite direction of Timbuktu, heading home for shin guards, heading out to coach soccer, heading home to get dinner sure can cut into a girl’s writing time. Our two dogs, on the left and right foreground, had their friends over for the afternoon.  Do you know how hard it was to get … [Read more...]

Wednesdays with Wendy: healthcare reform for dogs

Libi came at me this morning with unbridled joy.  She’s Wendy and Marco’s yellow Labrador retriever who they found through a rescue several months ago.  She spun in circles when I arrived to get Wendy for our run, and then quickly fetched her sock monkey so that I, too, could enjoy its dirty, smelly, squishy pleasures.  No surprise then that, for the first fifteen minutes of our jaunt, Wendy and I talked about the dog. Over the last few years, I’ve noticed that no one, NO ONE, talks about … [Read more...]

Monday morning quarterback: a dog’s love, A Gate at the Stairs, Helen Keller and Favre

Motherhood: Michael Chabon’s wife, author Ayelet Waldman, was pilloried for claiming to love her husband more than her children.  I often joke that I love dogs more than people.  So if I said I loved Shelby more than my three girls, I’d go straight to hell, right?  Oh, settle down everyone.  I love the blondes more.  I genuinely do.  But I went away this weekend and my middle daughter (we’ll call her Bun-Bun, the middle one) told my husband that, while she missed me (sort of) and she loved me … [Read more...]

The dog ate the gingerbread house on the 7th day of Christmas…coffee

My dog ate the gingerbread house that my daughters worked on last night.  When I came in this morning from a hike (also known as a walk) and found it half-chewed and broken into pieces, I looked at my friend Shelby, curled up on the couch, and asked why.  In the clearest voice I’ve ever heard her use, she replied, “Because you left it too close to the edge of the counter and I was famished.  And don’t send me outside for being bad because I’m feeling kinda sick right now.  If you know what’s … [Read more...]