The morning cup: Monday, 10/11/10

I had a sinking feeling in my stomach yesterday when I read about the kidnapped British aid worker, Linda Norgrove, who was reportedly killed during a U.S. rescue operation in Afghanistan over the weekend. Turns out my instincts were right and an investigation is underway to determine if a grenade launched by the rescuers led to another Pat Tillman scenario.

Those wacky Chilean miners are at it again.  Now, they’re arguing over who goes last up the rescue shaft. They’re all vying for the position.  Turns out altruism is alive and well among the men in the mine.  Look for the first man up the tube Wednesday.

I love Christine O’Donnell almost more than I loved Sarah Palin when she first burst upon the scene.  Tell me you saw the O’Donnell “I’m not a witch” campaign ad she ran last week in Delaware.  If you didn’t see Kristen Wiig’s send up on Saturday Night Live, please do.

Microsoft launches their Windows Phone 7 today.  I’m not a gizmo type, so whatever.

Wondering what happened to the Middle East peace talks?  Me neither.  But in case you were, Arab leaders have put the negotiations “on notice”.  If Israel doesn’t extend the freeze on those settlements in the West Bank, those Arabs are really, really going to be mad and they may even put Israel “on notice” again.

The Phillies swept the Reds with a win last night in Cincinnati and head to the National League Championship Series.  The Yankees swept Minnesota on Saturday.  Tonight, San Francisco takes on the Braves in Atlanta.  Tomorrow, Texas is at Tampa Bay.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month continues.  To have or not to have a mammogram.  That is the question.  NPR helps women make the decision, sort of.

Americans Peter Diamond and Dale Mortenson, along with Christopher Pissarides of Britain, have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics.  Their work has centered around global regulation and economic policy and how it relates to the job market (or something like that).

Susan Orlean at The New Yorker wonders what book signings will be like when everyone reads on their Kindle.  To that I say, real books will NEVER go away.

Today, don’t abdicate responsibility.  Embrace it.

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