Wednesday wonders

I wonder, about a lot of things.  I could Google all my queries and find out how to train a dragon, for instance, but I’d rather just wonder.  I wonder why dogs turn in circles before finally settling down and tucking themselves into a tight ball.  If I knew, it might not be so adorable.  I wonder why the phrase “when pigs fly”.  Why not cats, or did they once fly millions of years ago and would therefore dilute the saying?

You can find the answers to just about any question online at, or, but should we really be know-it-alls?  Is everyone going to have a smart phone attached to their head someday able to find out in an instant how “ketchup” got its name?  And why “catsup”?  Is that a variation on soup made of cats?  I hate know-it-alls.

Thank you, I’ll just wonder…

…why it takes years to get in shape but only five minutes and a pint of Chunky Monkey to get out of shape.

…if Don Draper will turn out to be a good guy.

…what kind of person cheats on their spouse with the spouse’s best friend.

…where all those missing socks go.

…as I wander.

…why in every television show and every movie, if a character is holding a grocery bag, there’s a French baguette sticking out.

…if blondes really do have more fun.  Wait.  Let me go ask the girls.

…if William Shakespeare had any idea he would be quoted so much.  I like your silence, it the more shows off Your wonder…  – The Winter’s Tale

…when Bun Bun will ever pick her clothes up off the bedroom floor without being told.

…if anyone is listening.

…how Republicans can talk about hand-wringing concern over the deficit and high employment yet still not come up with real solutions to alleviate the problems.

…why people say “she’s/he’s a survivor”.  As opposed to what?

…why, as soon as you turn forty, you need reading glasses.  Stop squinting.  You know it’s true.

…if the Jets will play well on Sunday, as opposed to Monday night when they looked like girlie men.  (They actually didn’t look like girlie men.  Not even close.  But they played really, really bad.)

…if Goldie will be taller than I am.  She’s currently 5’4”.  I’m 5’8”.  She’s eleven.  I’m not.

…when the president of the United States will be a woman.  Notice I didn’t say “if”.

…how different life would be if I were a man.

…what it’s like to be stuck down in that mine in Chile.

…how old Jack LaLanne is.  (Okay, I Googled that one.  He’s 95 and going strong.)

…why hot dog packages come in ten but hot dog buns come in packages of eight.

…why Swiss cheese has holes.

…why drinking orange juice after brushing my teeth makes me want to vomit.

…why dogs have fleas but children get lice.  What’s the difference?  Can the opposite be true?

…how long I’ll continue this post.

I’m done.

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  1. Mary Pat says

    I have been hearing the song Runaway all morning in my head:
    I wah wah wah wah wonder…why…she went away
    Thanks. 🙂

  2. Anne says

    The hot dogs/buns thing drives me nuts–would love an answer to that one.

    Sorry, but yes, they did look like girlie men. Now, because I said that, they will kick our butts on Sunday.

  3. Sara says

    I enjoyed this post but honestly got stuck for awhile on the mention of Chunky Monkey. On my to-do list for tomorrow: buy Chunky Monkey but keep secret from hubby & children! Love that stuff!

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