Thursdays in the kitchen with Jo: Slow Cooker Bacon Jam (with Condi and Paul)

To Condi Rice: thank you for your thoughtful, well written speech.  While I don’t agree with everything you said, I appreciate you talking to us as if we were informed and mature.  You didn’t condescend nor whine.  Your emphasis on education, and our responsibility to fix it, cannot be overstated; conveying the sense that both parties share our country’s failures in this area was a welcome change.  Sorry about the lipstick on your teeth. To Paul Ryan: you annoyingly boyish, lying hypocrite … [Read more...]

My Tuesday take: that ride back home (the pt. 2 you’ve been waiting for), and some other stuff

Ryan Reynolds’ character in “The Change-Up” (I’ll review tomorrow) is accused of being a quitter, someone who never finishes anything.  I’ve certainly been guilty of that in my past and on Saturday promised pt. 2 of my excellent adventure to San Francisco and never delivered so… Interstate 5 runs the length of California and then heads into the Pacific Northwest.  It’s a God-forsaken highway, with the exception of parts near San Diego and up near Oregon.  I decided to take that route to San … [Read more...]

Weekend café: illness and compassion, or the last few days (a post in two parts)

Part one: The good news is I lost five pounds.  The bad news is I’ve been sick. Two years ago, I was violently ill for well over a week.  It’s the sickest I’ve been in my life and I’ll never forget the experience.  After visiting the doctor twice, who took blood tests and asked questions, I was given the proverbial shrug of the shoulders as to what had befallen me.  “Some strange viral infection,” was about the extent of it. On Thursday, Bun Bun, Miss T, and I drove up to San Francisco to … [Read more...]

A Thursday out of the kitchen with Jo: let’s talk about sourdough

So here’s the deal.  I got out of town with the girls as a last hurrah before school starts next week.  We’re in San Francisco for a few days in a hotel without a kitchen (thankfully) so I can’t cook.  Whatever these children eat, it’s gotta come from someone else’s kitchen, and that includes those stainless steel rotisserie rods that cook the hot dogs at 7-11.  Puts a kink in my weekly Thursday recipes, but I can’t just let a week go by without talking about some culinary delight, so here’s … [Read more...]