Today’s cup: Weiner distractions, the economy, the Mavericks, and The Tony Awards

Democrats are worried that the Anthony Weiner scandal will continue to distract them from the work at hand and senior leaders in the House want him to resign.  Friends and I bemoan Weiner’s disturbing tendency to take photos of himself with his Blackberry (go ahead and check out TMZ’s “House Gym Rat” collection), putting at risk a voice liberals have enjoyed hearing fight for injustice.  But while I’m snickering about Weiner, I’m continuing to get my work done.  We all are.  We’ve re-discovered an ability to compartmentalize, especially as one tawdry situation is replaced by another.  The question of whether Weiner resigns, or not, doesn’t keep us up at night, and changes nothing about the high unemployment rate in this country, the foreclosed-upon houses, the dwindling public education system, the great-becoming-greater divide between rich and poor, the injustice of the little guy’s sustained suffering at the hands of Wall Street’s sub-prime loan debacle, continuing casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Arab Spring, cruel dictators, earthquakes, tornadoes, and the increasing price of coffee.  Enough already!  He resigns, he doesn’t resign.  The press will continue to cover it at the expense of other, truly important stories, but that’s their job.  Your job, dear House of Representatives, is to represent the people on issues that affect our lives.  We’re not distracted by Anthony Weiner.  You are.  We can chew gum and walk at the same time.  Why can’t you?!  Let his constituents in Queens and Brooklyn decide his fate since they’re the ones who hired him (according to a NY1-Marist poll, 56% support him), so all of you can get back to business that really matters.  Again, I say enough already.  Get back to work.

On that note, former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers thinks we need more stimulus money by way of expanding a payroll tax cut in order to reinvigorate the now-anemic economic recovery.  Also…

President Obama is meeting today with the business community to seek dialogue and help with the recession by investing capital and creating jobs.  As Austan Goolsbee, chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, reports, “We want to be for any policies that are going to help incentivize and stand up the private sector to drive the recovery.”

A suicide bomber killed five people in Iraq today, including three policemen.  What’s the plan?  The incident took place in Basra where international oil companies are trying to get Iraq’s oil wells and refineries up and running so they can pay their own damn way reconstructing their country after our occupation.  What’s the hold-up?  Can’t we speed up the process?  Where’s the urgency?  I’m testy this morning.

The potential Republican nominees for president are debating tonight (CNN, 8pm Eastern) in New Hampshire.  Who cares?  In six months I might be interested, when the picture will be more realistic (Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann, seriously?) but now, it’s just a sideshow – though it might be an entertaining hour or two, and seeing as there’s nothing else on television…

…including basketball after Dallas finished off the Miami Heat last night to win the NBA Championship. In the final three minutes, with Dallas up by eleven, Miami needed to take chances and try some three-pointers.  They didn’t until it was almost too late.  Almost.  And when they did, instead of rushing in to get a potential offensive rebound, they stood back, allowing Dallas over and over again, to regain possession in a game Dirk Nowitzki wanted to win far more than LeBron James.  Dallas earned and deserved their trophy.  Miami should do some soul-searching.

The “Gay Girl in Damascus” blog is a hoax.  In February, a lesbian living in Syria, allegedly kidnapped by Syrian government forces, started telling her story via the web and quickly became a cause, particularly for the homosexual community.  Turns out she’s really a 40-year-old married American man, Tom MacMaster, living and studying in Scotland.  He’s got some ‘splaining to do.

Speaking of homosexual, the Tony Awards were great fun last night as Neil Patrick Harris started off the show with a number letting us know that Broadway isn’t just for gays anymore.  It’s the best awards show out there if you’re looking for real entertainment, even if you have to suffer through some overly emotional acceptance speeches, and Christie Brinkley confusing the show with an infomercial.  “The Book of Mormon” won for Best Musical and “Warhorse” won for Best Play.

Have you see the first photos of Gabrielle Giffords since she was shot in the head in January?  She looks great, and the pictures are so much more interesting than those recently released of Anthony Weiner.

For some laughs today, check out Conan O’Brien’s Dartmouth College commencement address from Sunday’s graduation ceremonies in New Hampshire.

Is it possible to practice parsimony this summer?  Probably not.

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  1. Mare says

    I’m so glad you said something about Christie Brinkley! Did she have too much coffee…what was that?!!! I LOVED that show though. The greatest thing about the Tonys for me is that these are stage actors and, therefore, rarely does anyone have their speech written down. It’s all so fun & genuine. But now I’ll surely never get tickets to “Warhorse” or “The Book of Mormon”!!!
    And bravo to the Mavs. If my Lakers had to lose, at least it was to the best team of the year.

  2. Beth says

    and here’s a story that shows you never know where life will take you: I remember my friend Annie (from my church going days)telling me years ago that she had taken this job working at “some animated show”…she didn’t sound all that excited but it was work. Cut to: she’s on stage at the Tony’s last night winning for “Book of Mormon”!! yep, that animated show was “South Park”. Couldn’t happen to a nicer, more giving lady

  3. Michael says

    I should have called you Carol. 😉 Mare, loved Warhorse. Such a theatrical experience. The horses become so real. Amazing and touching.

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