Today’s cup: the debt ceiling, the gay marriage bandwagon, and the upcoming NFL season…will happen

Trying to break down and then piece back together what’s going on in Washington regarding the debt ceiling feels like playing with a Rubik’s cube.  If I cornered an economist at a cocktail party to explain it all, chances are I still wouldn’t walk away with a firm grasp on the subject, much less any idea how to solve our fiscal woes.  Clearly, NOT raising the debt ceiling, thereby forcing us to default on loans, would be a very, very bad thing.  Worse is our current debt load at $14.3 trillion.  … [Read more...]

Today’s cup: E. coli outbreak, the debt ceiling, and Dirk Nowitzki’s finger

There are more than 365 new reports of people being sickened in the outbreak of an E. coli bacterium in Europe.  Authorities have yet to find the source but are warning against the consumption of cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce.  Sixteen people have died already and that number is likely to increase as new cases experience extreme, often deadly symptoms.  Serious stuff, and yet a writer at The Wall Street Journal used this as her headline: “Europe in a Pickle Over Deadly E-coli Infection”.  … [Read more...]