Another evening cup: debt ceiling, the NFL talks, deaths in Yosemite, and Bachmann gets migraines (big deal)

The “cut, cap, and balance” plan that was passed in the House on Tuesday to address the issue of the looming debt ceiling and our scary deficit was symbolic and has virtually no chance of passing in the Senate.  I’m so glad they spent so much time on it and that they continue to make us so very proud of the work they do in Washington.  SYMBOLIC?!  Really?  Last I checked, symbolism didn’t pay the bills.  The Senate “Gang of Six” (a bunch of thugs, I hear) have come up today with their own plan, and now Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is waiting to hear from House Speaker John Boehner if it stands a chance in hell of passing over there.  In other words, we’re all still waiting.  Rumors of an “interim” or short-term increase in the debt ceiling are exaggerated.

Want a primer on the whole affair?  The Associated Press is very kindly offering one.

U.S. representatives from the state of Florida, Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Republican Allen West, were at each other like cats and dogs Tuesday and, again, I’m sure Floridians are bursting with pride.  Wasserman Schultz forgot protocol and singled out West after he’d left the House chamber, for supporting the “cut, cap, and balance” strategy that she believes unfairly asks seniors to take a hit by paying more in Medicare costs.  A lot of West’s constituents are elderly.  He shot off an email calling her “vile” and “not a Lady” (not sure why he used an uppercase “L”) and now she wants an apology.  Good times, people.  Good times.

A vote on the collective bargaining agreement between NFL owners and players was supposed to take place today, but alas, it won’t.  There’s hope for a Thursday vote on the issue, as the mood appeared upbeat.  C’mon guys; we’re only seven weeks away from the Thursday night opening kickoff.

In Libya, the rebels appear to be getting closer and closer to Gaddafi in Tripoli, even in areas once considered his stronghold.  Does Gaddafi really believe in a Libya he controls indefinitely?  Obviously he does.

Yosemite National Park is one of my favorite destinations, so I had a visceral reaction upon hearing of the presumed deaths of three hikers at Vernal Falls there on Tuesday.  Vernal is where you go when all of the other waterfalls have dried up for the year.  A trickle at summer’s end, it’s gorgeous.  After our record-setting winter, fully loaded, it must have been spectacular and too enticing for the three people in their 20s who stepped over a metal guardrail at the top to take photos and play in the stream above.  Their bodies have not yet been recovered.

Michele Bachmann gets migraines and sometimes they’re so awful, she has to take narcotic medication in order to function.  Here’s the deal: I have friends who get migraines.  They too, rather than be incapacitated, take prescription meds.  This is not a big deal.  Another reason it’s not a big deal?  Michele Bachmann will never be president.

I’m angry at President Obama for not selecting Elizabeth Warren to head up the Consumer Financial Protection Agency she helped build.  Instead, some believe he caved to GOP pressure in selecting Richard Cordray. But let’s face it.  Republicans hate the idea of this agency coming in to help the little guy not get continually screwed by banks, credit card agencies, mortgage lenders and the like, so it doesn’t really matter who Obama nominates.  The GOP will hold up the whole shebang in a filibuster anyway.  Read Rick Ungar’s piece from Forbes.

Okay, I realize that a lot of you don’t know who Mamie Gummer is but I’m Meryl Streep’s biggest fan and I remember when she was pregnant with Mamie so news of Mamie’s marriage last weekend at the Gummer estate in Connecticut made me smile and feel old.  There’s a lot that makes me feel old these days, and a lot that makes me smile…

…like this photo of a puppy planking.

Gotta go make dinner, followed by a smooth cup of joe.

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