Join me for an evening cup: Casey Anthony, a dust storm in Arizona, the damn deficit, and guys like to cuddle

If you’re wondering why I never mentioned the Casey Anthony trial here, it’s because I thought the whole thing was sordid and sensationalistic and Nancy Grace had it all covered.  On Tuesday, the Florida mother was found not guilty in the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee in what is being talked of as the worst decision by a jury since O.J.  With that verdict, I always chalked it up to the jury’s inability to grasp the concept of “beyond a reasonable doubt”, emphasis on reasonable.  Just because a person didn’t actually witness the murder doesn’t mean that same person can’t come up with a guilty verdict through reasoning involving evidence and common sense.  What becomes of someone like Casey Anthony now? She could be released from prison as early as Thursday.

According to President Obama, he and House Speaker John Boehner are making progress on deficit reduction talks.  I hope that’s true.  Members of both the Senate and the House will meet on Thursday to further discuss the issue and the decision regarding the looming debt ceiling.  Is it just me or does Obama look thinner and grayer these days?

On Monday, we here in the United States celebrated our independence, our freedom.  With little restriction, we can do what we please and say what’s on our mind.  Not so in China, as witnessed by its strange, but not surprising, behavior surrounding the rumored ill health of former leader Jiang Zemin.

The photos and video of the dust storm that just blew through Phoenix look like scenes from an apocalyptic Hollywood movie.  Has this been the craziest weather year or what?  Let the clean-up begin.

A 48-year-old Dutch woman and mother of two grown children, on a walking holiday in Spain, apparently just wanted to get away by herself.  I know the feeling.  Unfortunately, she got lost heading into Sierra Almijara Natural Park and couldn’t find her way back.  Nineteen days later, sitting at the bottom of a ravine drinking river water, Mary-Anne Goossens was found alive.  Nothing wrong with a happy ending.

The shutdown of Minnesota’s state government is now six days old.  And we think we have it bad in California.  Oh wait, we do.  I just want the local government to water the lawn at our public park up the street.  Is that asking so much?

We watched the US women play Sweden in World Cup soccer today.  They lost 2-1, despite being a better team.  Not sure what happened, but now they play Brazil on Sunday to stay in the hunt for the championship.  C’mon girls, more shots on goal.

I’ll be interested to see how Tiki Barber fares when he returns to the NFL after being away for four years and screwing up his private life for all the public to see.  Nothing happens until the lockout ends, which should be soon.  In the meantime, Funny or Die is hard at work spoofing the work stoppage in American’s favorite sport.

Dumbest headline I saw today: The jig is up – guys like to cuddle more from  Based on a study from the Kinsey Institute, I’m not buying it one bit.

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