The Tea Party Caucus sucks (and I hate them)

I’ll get into this further tomorrow (or not) but my former template/theme for Daily Cup was old and tired and irretrievably broken.  Glenn and I created this new one and I hope you like it.  If you don’t, please keep it to yourself.  I’m sensitive.  Besides, we’re still tweaking.  Also, content is what it’s all about.  Substance over style.  Speaking of content (we were): 


Balloons are cheerful. We need them right now.

On public radio last night, I listened as pundits discussed the latest news from Washington and what it meant for Republican leaders now and in the near future.  The government is back open after being held hostage to Tea Party demands that the Affordable Care Act be defunded (it wasn’t).  The debt ceiling was raised, again at the last minute, to avoid a government default on our loans.  And we’re talking about what it means for Republican leaders?  This is the problem, folks.  We’re talking about the wrong things.  We’re focused on the wrong things.  Correction: the ultra-conservative chucklehead Tea Party Republicans are horrible people.  That’s what I meant to say.  Those who didn’t stand up to them – John Boehner, I’m talking to you – deserve just as much scorn.

My simple question to them would be: do you know why President Obama, with the help of many others (mostly Democrats, there’s a pattern emerging), created the Affordable Care Act?  I’ll answer since they’re stumped.  It came to be because millions of Americans lacked access to affordable health care.  That’s it.


Worse than slavery!

Hitler!  Nazis!  Fascism!

Nope.  Just an effort to help fellow Americans see a doctor when necessary.  It became a law, which the government is now trying to implement.  It’s been a rough few weeks but did anyone expect anything different?  The only surprise to some was the amount of people interested in signing up.  The reason?  They need healthcare.

I’m furious today.  I really am.  Why?  Because these morons who talk about fiscal responsibility, cutting taxes, lowering the deficit (it keeps dropping), and reducing government spending, continually take actions that cost us billions and hurt the little guy, the poor guy, the children, the afflicted, the overworked, the struggling – none of whom will recover anytime soon.  They shut the government down and gained nothing.  They brought us to the brink of another default for nothing.

Who the hell are these people?!

They call themselves Christian.  Ha!  They often shout about it.  Ha!  I know a thing or two about what Christ was trying to teach us – the basics: love one another, do unto others, treat your neighbor as you would like to be treated.  Any way you word it, the golden rule must guide anyone who calls themselves Christian, or Muslim, Jewish, Hindi, Buddhist, or human for that matter.   The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act wasn’t a political stunt.  It was not to gain favor.  It was an extension of the golden rule, an interpretation, if you will.  Let’s help our fellow man.  Let’s find ways to get them medical attention so they can live longer.  I’m sorry Michelle Bachmann, did you have a different idea?  A better one?  No?  Hmmm.  Steve King?  Nothing?  Hmmm.  Ted Cruz?  Oh you’re just an ass, Ted.  Instead of extending a hand to a fellow American, you shut down the government, costing us billions, which could have been spent on, oh I don’t know, maybe healthcare?  Actual living, breathing human beings were adversely affected by what the Tea Party Caucus did.  No one benefited.  No one.  How did this happen?

We’ve all heard about the gerrymandered districts and how the seats of these same destructive, obstructionist congressional representatives are safe in next year’s midterms.  Is that a done deal?  Does it have to be so?  Because the only way to prevent this from happening again (the government is only funded until January 15th, the debt ceiling lifted until February 7th) is for punishment to be meted out, for these Tea Party wackadoos to feel pain, like the pain of every American who’s been laid off.  Oh my goodness, how can these awful, ignorant, ineffective employees be allowed to keep their jobs?!

Some of the kindest people I know are Republicans.  That’s the truth.  Most of them live in safely Democratic districts and states – but those who don’t, please MAKE A STATEMENT.  When the time comes, don’t vote again for that Republican governor who’s refused the expansion of Medicaid in your state.  Don’t support that kind of inhumanity.  (ALL of the 26 states that have refused the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of Medicaid are run by Republican legislatures – the pattern continues.)

Oh, whom am I kidding?  This will fall on deaf ears.  Even I, so hopeful, have had the optimism sucked right out of me.  I feel beaten down and defeated today.  The government is open, great, but Washington feels irreparably broken.

Perhaps a mug of Intelligentsia French press would make me feel better.  Off to make some now.


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  1. Bill Bremer says

    I like your new look, Joann. Good job. And I join you in your justified revulsion to the lamebrains (the most charitable name I can think of right now) who have cost this country billions of dollars and caused the rest of the world to scratch their heads at their antics and wonder what’s so good about America being a world leader if we’re only going to lead the world over a cliff? “Extortionists” is too good a word for them — I consider them nothing less than traitors to the Constitution out to undermine our democracy at every turn.

    And, unfortunately, they will be back. They have no interest in making our government run better — they only want to drown it in a bathtub.

    The one bright spot in all of this craziness is that President Obama stood up to them and seems to be in no mood to tolerate any more of their criminal behavior. Good for him, and good for us.

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