San Bernardino, and bird by bird

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I’m a news junkie. After 9/11, even while cradling baby Bun Bun in my arms, I watched and read the news relentlessly. After Paris two weeks ago, the same. I kept wanting to write something, but everywhere - newspapers and blogs, Twitter and Facebook - each notion and opinion of mine was covered except, I thought, the one I couldn’t share, the idea I didn’t want to speak out loud. If I give it a voice, it might happen. I don’t want to scare my kids.  And then today, the New York Times printed … [Read more...]

Friday’s four things: teenage girls, family dinners, Houston, and the obits

That's Miss T.

And because five was too many. A birthday. Miss T turned thirteen yesterday – one-three, 13, XIII – which means we now have three teenage girls living in our house. Sometimes I don’t know who they are, but mostly I do. They’re fantastic, except when they’re not, which ends up being the problem, if there is a problem. I wake up not certain of whom I will face, either over breakfast or picking up in the afternoon, though Goldie is driving herself now. (That’s a blessing, not a curse.) The … [Read more...]

Tuesday Tidbits: the Mets, Trevor Noah, clouds, and Adele

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The Mets lost the World Series, which means the Kansas City Royals won. KC is an excellent baseball team, yada yada, but Goldie asked Sunday night if they played in Missouri or Kansas, and I replied, “Who cares?” (It’s Missouri, by the way.) And if you think I’m being cruel, dig down deep and tell me you don’t feel the same. Mostly what’s inside is disappointment, and some concern over Daniel Murphy’s mental health. For those out of the baseball loop, he’s the Mets’ second baseman who made a … [Read more...]

Catching up/random thoughts – part 1: autumn, Ebola, emoticons, and griping


Where have you been?! I suppose you could ask the same of me. I took a part-time job. The girls needed new shoes. In addition to my other seven part-time jobs, it’s been busy. You? A lot has happened and been observed. Can we talk? - My basil plant outside died because when summer ends here I stop watering, which is nonsensical because it hasn’t rained here in sixteen years. I stop watering because after school starts, I no longer think about my basil plant. When school starts, it’s … [Read more...]

Friday fodder: social media, activism, and relativity


By now, most of you have heard or should know about the 276 Nigerian schoolgirls abducted by the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram in April.  Ramaa Mosley, a Los Angeles mother, used social media in the last few weeks to get the word out by starting with a hashtag - #bringbackourgirls.  Today, not only can Michelle Obama be seen holding up a sign with the hashtag written upon it, but her husband, our president, has sent American troops to Africa to help the Nigerians find their missing … [Read more...]

Tuesday’s ten things, because I’ve been away so long…

jack the dog

…and none of these deserve their own post. Separation of church and state – fine! – but most Americans celebrate Easter or Passover and they fall within the same time frame this year, April 14-22, so what the hell are all these school districts thinking scheduling spring break in March?  Goldie goes to Catholic school and so is off late next week and the week after.  Bun Bun and Miss T attend a secular, libertine, hedonistic institution that has turned their back on God and family, so were … [Read more...]