Forgive me, this post is SAD!

sad face copy

How best to explain my feelings this week? It’s not easy and I feel the president-elect has hijacked the word “sad” as in, “Sad!” But there it is, succinctly. I’m down in the dumps. I’m weepy. The girls and I and the husband were supposed to be on a plane right now, headed to the inauguration. We had planned to take a family trip to celebrate the first female president and the great country in which we live. Instead, I’m dealing with daughters who are also sad and angry and confused. They … [Read more...]

Day 3: surviving our new reality

I started writing this on Day 2. New ideas come up and I tweak the post. I realize I work at a school and so bad words are now ****. It’s so very stupid but nothing about this week makes sense to me. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross needs to come back from the grave and give us the five stages of post-election insanity. Recovery must include puppies. Anyhow, here’s what I have today: If you’re a Facebook friend of mine, you know that for me, the hardest part of Tuesday night was being a parent. I felt … [Read more...]

My case for Hillary

Hill yes!

She reminds me of my mom. Joan Egan was described in her senior college yearbook as “Gracious, Gregarious, Grand.” And she was. She was also smart, and unsentimental. I can recall only a handful of times seeing her cry. Her pragmatism was ill suited for messy emotions. Feelings never got in the way of completing the task. And yet she was compassionate. If you were really sick, she’d visit regularly. If you needed a meal, she’d cook you one or pick up ribs at Costco. She was a hospital … [Read more...]

Imagine if you will (for those inclined to vote for Trump)

Remember, no less than the fate of our Republic is at stake.

Regarding Trump, I can’t imagine anything has been left unsaid but still I feel it necessary to say something. No less than the fate of our Republic is at stake. And no, I’m not kidding. - Imagine your ten-year-old son asks: “Did you see the video of Trump making fun of the guy with the funny arm?” “Yes,” you answer. “Mom said you were voting for him?” “I am.” “Why? He made fun of that guy. That’s so mean.” “Because, um, he’s going to make this country great again. And I always … [Read more...]

Do not vote for Trump – Reason #25

Hazel may sleep through this election.

Last week, I casually mentioned that I’d try to share with you more of the seventeen-thousand reasons why you should not vote for Donald Trump. What I’d prefer instead is to shift from nonchalant to very serious, since there is much at stake. First, some perspective: In the last election, Mitt Romney was not my candidate. I’m an avowed Democrat and my stance on most issues is liberal and fact-based. But in 2012, if pressed, I would readily admit that Romney was smart, capable, and … [Read more...]

Let’s talk about the presidency

Because she's so much cuter than the GOP front-runner.

Where do I begin? On the front page of most newspapers last week, if there were six articles, four were about Donald Trump. This week, we’re down to two or three but still too many, particularly since any piece about the GOP presumptive nominee that is more than three letters – WTF – should be dismissed outright as indicative of a nation that has lost its mind. I cannot add to the noise without losing my own. But... …six months from today we will have our next president. IT CANNOT … [Read more...]