The morning cup: Friday, 9/24/10

Forget weight loss over 40.  Weight loss at any age in this country appears vital.  A new study (yes, another one) finds that nearly 70% of Americans are overweight.  Compare this to 1980, when only around 50% of the U.S. (though nothing to be proud of) could complain their jeans were tight.  Yikes.  Does any of this have to do with the fashion industry’s shrinking sizes for women?  What used to be a size 9 (remember the odd sizes?) at The Gap suddenly became a size 4.  Hmmmm. To U.S. Judge … [Read more...]

My Tuesday take: politics are ridiculously frustrating

There are two significant and controversial provisions attached to the major military bill that was up for a cloture vote today in the Senate:  Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and The Dream Act.  One involves allowing gays to serve openly in the military; the other provides a path to citizenship for children of illegal immigrants. It stalled a few hours ago, making it highly unlikely that debate on The Defense Authorization Bill will proceed before the November elections. Let’s just shut down … [Read more...]

Friday fodder: BP, the Koreas, DADT and Memorial Day

There is simply nothing left to add at this point regarding the BP oil spill.  It has easily surpassed Exxon Valdez in size, and while the “top kill” procedure begun Thursday to essentially plug up the hole is so far “on track”, it is not yet “mission accomplished”.  President Obama held a news conference yesterday to address the blame game, who’s-in-charge, the moratorium on new drilling, and answer questions about his rapidly graying hair.  I’d resemble Barbara Bush if I had his job.  How did … [Read more...]