Random: the Olympics, Chick-fil-A, Mitt’s taxes, and guns

Bun Bun turned eleven on Tuesday.  She wanted a phone for her big gift; she got a bike.  So it was a good birthday but in no way was it the best one ever.  In terms of children, you can never win.  It’s not a contest, but still.

I hate that the head of Chick-fil-A is against gay marriage, but can I be honest?  The restaurant chain hasn’t been in Los Angeles all that long and I’ve been meaning to head over to Hollywood with the girls one afternoon (it would kill at least an hour) to try their famous chicken sandwich that I’ve heard so much about.  If I do, will it throw gay rights back ten years?  Damn.

The Olympics: well there’s too much to say.  I’m embarrassed by how much I like looking at the bodies.  So many muscles!  Synchronized diving is a silly competition but I’ve been strangely drawn in.  I’m not into the whole Phelps-Lochte rivalry nearly as much as the media would like me to be.  My favorite swimmer so far is Missy Franklin.  Ridiculous that reigning world champion American gymnast Jordan Wieber won’t be competing in the women’s all-around but nice she got her gold helping the team win.  Water polo is boring.  Archery slightly less so.  I’ve skipped team handball, weightlifting, and badminton because, well, do I have to have a reason?  Kayaking looks like fun.  I’m trying to ignore most of the NBC coverage choices and annoying commentary, like Al Trautwig’s line the other night after the American women won gold in gymnastics: “They will, as champions always do, walk together forever.”  He must have thought we didn’t hear this weird comment because he repeated it a minute later.  Ryan Seacrest should come back to the States.  His particular brand of ennui has no place at the Olympics.  Love watching volleyball, both indoor and beach and, of course, I haven’t missed a moment of our women playing soccer.  Now that’s good stuff.

Sure, Harry Reid didn’t need to get personal about why Mitt Romney isn’t going to give us his tax returns from 2009 and before, speculating that Mitt didn’t actually pay taxes – but c’mon people!  Give me another valid reason for Romney’s opaqueness?  If I were a betting woman, that’s the reason I’d gamble on to be true.  Like many have said before, no one cares that Romney is rich.  So many presidential candidates are – but his wealth feels unctuous.  I didn’t like his character (or lack thereof) when he was running against John McCain and I like it even less now.

“I need a gun, many guns, and then I have the ride of my life,” Reinscheid, 48, wrote in one email to himself. That’s from the Los Angeles Times today regarding a UC Irvine professor, distraught over the handling of his son’s suicide at University High School in March.  Rainer Reinscheid was arrested in July on suspicion of arson.  Among the evidence authorities are discovering are missives detailing how he “…planned to get a dozen machine guns and shoot at least 200 students…” Have you written your congressional representative regarding reinstating the ban on assault weapons?  About closing the loophole that allows just about anyone to buy guns at gun shows without background checks?  Or are you waiting for another Aurora?  Don’t let this issue disappear just because you’re busy watching the Olympics.

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  1. Mary Anne says

    We spend much of the evening mocking the drama that Al Trautwig brings to the women’s gymnastic commentary. Our favorites: “This is desperation time” “She may be going from the abyss to the mountaintop” “Another moment of numerical agony”. It’s hysterical.

  2. Tracey says

    Mine thinks if there is anyone that deserves a phone, it’s Bun Bun. Maybe you should have consulted her………and no, mine has no phone.

  3. says

    I sure hope not, for the GOP’s sake would be embarrassing for them The Democratic Convention Brought to you by the National Education Association The Republican Convention- Brought to you by Haliburton, Phillip Morris, and Colt International Firearms

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