Today’s cup: our “friends” in Pakistan, Obama and gay marriage, the NBA draft, and a marathon dog

Questions surrounding the mystery of why Pakistan is so mad at us for finding and killing Osama bin Laden are starting to be answered.  We’ve considered Pakistan a quasi-ally in the fight against terrorism, but the partnership has been a bit of a joke.  Sifting through the goodies seized after the raid on bin Laden’s lair in Abbottabad, a cell phone’s contact list indicates that he was in touch with a militant group with ties to the Pakistani intelligence agency.  More and more it’s looking like Pakistan knew exactly where bin Laden was hiding all those years.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday that we would continue our “frustrating, frankly sometimes very outraging kind of experience” with Pakistan’s government because, uh, because, wait a minute, there’s a good reason.  Just give me a sec…

President Obama was at a fundraiser Thursday night with gay donors in New York.  We still don’t know exactly whether or not he now supports gay marriage, even though some attendees tried to force him to take a stand.  Michael Scherer at TIME Magazine used this title for his article – Barack Obama Still Dancing on Head of Gay Marriage Pin.  Read it for the full text of what Obama said to the crowd.

The NBA draft took place last night and I can’t honestly say I knew a thing about it, other than Cleveland had the top pick after winning only 19 games last season.  No, that’s not a typo.  Ian Thomsen at Sports Illustrated thinks choosing Kyrie Irving was a smart move, among other smart moves from teams with top picks.  I’m still smarting over the fact that the Lakers were among those who lost to Cleveland.

Whitey Bulger, the Boston gangster and FBI’s most wanted man before his arrest in Los Angeles on Wednesday night after sixteen years on the lam, will head back to Beantown where he’s been accused of murdering 19 people, racketeering, and a host of other charges.

Ladies, have you thought about a new “do” for the summer?  Maybe a complete makeover but you’re afraid of what you’ll look like?  Bun Bun went looking for a site the other day, and we came across this one:  Even if you like your looks just the way they are, it’s fun to imagine and get creative.  You might even consider shaking things up after all.

I feel a little silly coming to this story two months after it happened, but seeing as running and dogs are two of my favorite things in life, the tale of Dozer the Dog cannot disappear without a mention on DailyCup.  He’s a doodle breed.  He escaped from his electronic fence, apparently because he couldn’t resist joining a half-marathon race going by his house.  He crossed the finish line with such a smile on his face, race officials just had to give him a medal.  Happy dog.

May your tomato plants pullulate in the summer sun.

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  1. Mare says

    I think Obama thinks gay marriage is just fine, but he’s obviously cautious because of approval ratings & politics, blah, blah, blah. Imagine what it must be like to ride the fence on many things that you believe just because you want to get re-elected. Wouldn’t it be fun if he began his second term telling us what he REALLY thinks on issues we just know he has strong opinions about but has been “soft” on throughout his tenure! Why not? Would they honestly try to impeach him for coming out FOR gay marriage? Hmmmm…just a thought.

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