The morning cup: Wednesday, November 17, 2010

First things first.  Did you see Gwyneth Paltrow on “Glee” last night? I laughed out loud, and then I cried.  She’s too damn perfect.  Where’s the tragic flaw?  Anyone know?  I want to be her friend.

The Bush tax cut drama continues, except the meeting planned between Republican leaders and President Obama, set for tomorrow, has been postponed to November 30th because GOP senators John Boehner and Mitch McConnell had scheduling conflicts.  That’s right, scheduling conflicts.  WTF?!

The lame duck congress DOES NOT HAVE TO BE SO LAME!  Before the end of the year, Obama wants to pass The Dream Act, which provides a path to citizenship for high school-age illegal immigrants who attend college or join the military.  Is that possible?  Can we do that?!

Eva Langoria officially filed for divorce from NBA star Tony Parker today.  Rumor has it he was unfaithful.  It appears that if you marry an NBA player, you should be prepared to share him with others, period.

What a turnaround!  In the greatest comeback since Michael Vick’s the other night, GM, which went through a government run bankruptcy in 2009, is poised for a huge IPO this week, after posting three consecutive profitable quarters.  Shares, thought to be offered at $28, will instead be $32 to $33.

More good news in business (which is good news for everyone): Target posted a better than expected third quarter profit.  I love Target.

The TSA’s air travel pat-down and body scanning controversy continues because some people are put off by the hassle.  Lewis Black on The Daily Show said it best last night.  Basically, we’ll send our men and women overseas to fight terrorists and get blown up, but we won’t give up a little privacy in order to fly safe?

Incumbent Alaska senator Lisa Murkowski may declare victory as early as tonight as the write-in ballot count appears to give her an insurmountable lead over Tea Partier Joe Miller.

Miss T read Wyatt Workman’s book, Save the Sea From the Trash Monster, to me last night and after, I vowed to stop using plastic bags.  Good thing, because Los Angeles County just made them illegal.

Things just get worse in Haiti, although that doesn’t seem possible.  Some Haitians have blamed the UN peacekeepers for bringing in cholera and staged violent protests, which doesn’t get anyone anywhere.  The fight to stem the spread of the deadly disease continues, but was delayed due to the violence.  The neighboring Dominic Republic has just confirmed their first case of the water-borne illness.

If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, stop in and pick up some of their pumpkin butter.  It’s like apple butter, only different.  I spread it on a toasted English muffin this morning.  Remember, pumpkin is loaded with fiber and helps anyone get in a fall mood, especially if you live in sunny Southern California where people wear flip-flops in January.

Today, avoid mendacity.

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  1. Anne says

    Yes, I did see Gwyneth on Glee. Wow. Had no idea she could sing, even if they did auto-tune her to death on the last song.

    The situation in Haiti just breaks my heart. And I really truly don’t get the problem with body scans. Yes, if you have to go through one multiple times a day, I can see you might get concerned about health risks. Otherwise, geez, just do it. Who cares who sees what if it saves lives??
    It’s not as though your face and name and address are popping up the screen.

    And I love the synonym “taradiddle”. Outstanding word. Unless of course your name is Tara.

  2. nadine says

    Re TSA: If it truely meant better security flying, I’d be all for it. But at this point, it’s too easy to put an illegal liquid in a medication bottle and a very sharp carbon fiber or epoxy knife doesn’t show up in the baggage x-ray. The no-fly list is only checked on ticket purchase and delivered by PDF (for which there are many editors) so the name on the ticket can be changed to match a terrorist with an ID. The passport scanners on airport check-in in Europe are a start, but then most Europeans have passports to be able to scan.

    Fix the easy stuff first, then subject the populace to groping or questionable amounts of radiation.

  3. Mark Pinto says

    I too enjoyed Gwyneth on Glee last night. I mean, what’s not to enjoy. She’s a delight.

    As for Target, I’m not thrilled to hear about their profits. I had hoped the hooplah following their campaign contribution to that anti-gay candidate in Minnesota would have had more of a negative impact.

  4. says

    Okay, I just finished watching the episode. How many months before her Broadway debut in a musical? I mean really, it seems to me she’s asking nicely.

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