Sunday cafe: oh the possibilities

I love Sundays.  Always have.  But my favorite time is the morning when everything seems possible.  Quickly, that changes.  Hopes are dashed, the house is noisy and a mess, the husband is asking if I have a plan for the day, the laundry to be folded has reached the ceiling, the dog has eaten the cookies on the counter when my back was turned, there’s a birthday party later I forgot about and a soccer “clinic” I want no part of.  But the early morning?  Oh, how it makes me feel good. I had a … [Read more...]

Friday fodder: Korans, Obamanomics, DADT and bedbugs

I’ll be honest.  The biggest news for me this week was that my children started back to school.  Big, big, big.  Really big.  But that’s not all… Terry Jones is a wackadoo preacher in Florida who’s itching to burn something.  Let me point out, as so many others have before me, that his congregation doesn’t even number 50.  Less than 50.  Got that?  If he was a friend of yours on Facebook, you’d be asked to suggest friends for him because apparently he doesn’t have many.  He also has a … [Read more...]

Weekly wrap-up: Wyclef Jean, China’s death penalty, Chilean miners and a longer “Avatar”

Haitian born musician and former Fugees front man Wyclef Jean is not giving up on his desire to become Haiti’s president, even though he was considered ineligible to run because he hasn’t lived in the country over the past five years (lucky for him).  I was thinking this week how much Obama wanted to be president of the U.S. at a time when the country was falling apart economically, we were fighting two wars, and there was a general feeling of malaise and disenchantment among the natives.  He … [Read more...]