Monday motherhood: it’s official

I’m distracted by this Anthony Weiner news.  One would hardly equate motherhood with a news story of this ilk, and I’m not.  But it’s Monday afternoon and I was going to write about aspects of being a mom - but first, we have to talk. Is it not clear at this point in the history of the World Wide Web that if you take pictures of yourself, or have them taken, there’s an excellent chance they’ll end up online?!  And if you’re a politician, it’s guaranteed to reach the media if the photos are of … [Read more...]

Wednesday words on reinvention and “the change”

If necessity is the mother of invention, perhaps it’s also the father of re-invention.  I’m grasping at straws here.  I need something different. While not going into too much detail, and certainly not revealing my true age, let’s just say that I’m going through the second “change” in life before I ever really adjusted to the first one.  Puberty struck around age twelve and I’ve never been the same since.  I went from being just a girl, hanging out with Sharon and her brothers playing Capture … [Read more...]