Thursdays in the kitchen with Jo: Shepherd’s Pie for St. Patrick’s Day

I’m proud to be Irish but I’ve never really embraced the cuisine like I do Italy’s or Mexico’s.  There are specific items in Ireland’s culinary cupboard that I love – potatoes, for one – but not a lot of dishes that I regularly put together.  Despite a growing number of well-known Irish chefs – Rachel Allen among them – few of us ever say “Let’s go out for Irish tonight.”  On St. Patrick’s Day, however, it’s worth giving the Emerald Isle her due when it comes to answering the question, “What’s … [Read more...]

Wednesday we’re in the kitchen with Jo: Guinness stew and soda bread

It’s Thursday in the east and I know I have some readers back there, so I can technically call this my Thursday in the kitchen.  I wanted to get it up on my site in a timely fashion in case you were actually considering something Irish for dinner on St. Patrick’s Day and didn’t know what to make. You could make corned beef and cabbage but why?  Cabbage, once it’s cooked to death, is a texture more than a flavor.  It’s hardly the best dish my ancestors have to offer so I’m not going to give you … [Read more...]

Good morning: last minute Thanksgiving recipes

In case you’re in need of some last minute guidance, or want to bring something other than the usual to your Thanksgiving dinner, here are some last minute recipes I did last year on my page.  I particularly recommend the pumpkin soda bread. Click on the name of the dish and it’ll take you over there. Pumpkin Irish Soda Bread Jo’s Garlic Mashed Potatoes (and note I also made bleu cheese mashed potatoes) Emerilized Green Bean Casserole (a tasty twist from … [Read more...]

Thursdays in the kitchen with Jo: Irish soda bread

I’m Irish.  Well, I’m American but…I’m Irish.  Unlike my dog, Shelby, I am not a mixed breed.  Three of my four grandparents arrived in New York off a boat from the Emerald Isle.  The fourth had the last name of McCormack.  The family surnames also include Egan, Ryan, O’Callaghan and McCauley.  We hale from counties Cork, Kerry and Sligo.  Next Wednesday, we will celebrate our Irishness. What, you might ask, is there to celebrate?  Well, there’s St. Patrick, for one.  Driving the snakes out of … [Read more...]