Friday’s four things: teenage girls, family dinners, Houston, and the obits

That's Miss T.

And because five was too many. A birthday. Miss T turned thirteen yesterday – one-three, 13, XIII – which means we now have three teenage girls living in our house. Sometimes I don’t know who they are, but mostly I do. They’re fantastic, except when they’re not, which ends up being the problem, if there is a problem. I wake up not certain of whom I will face, either over breakfast or picking up in the afternoon, though Goldie is driving herself now. (That’s a blessing, not a curse.) The … [Read more...]

A wedding, retirement and the families we create

Weekends are often little more than doing laundry, cleaning the house and attempting to keep the girls television viewing to less than twenty hours and my coffee consumption to fewer than four pots. This past Friday, Saturday and Sunday required five pots of coffee, three Red Bulls, several Advil and six slices of brown sugar/pepper bacon; although in truth it may have been eight slices.  No partridges.  No pear trees. In my 20s and 30s, it wasn’t unusual to go to several weddings a year.  A … [Read more...]