Lovely December: sobriety, family, Christmas

My greatest gifts.

To me, December is profound. On the tenth of this month back in 1996, we found out my father was riddled with cancer; he was gone ten weeks later. Last year, on the 9th, our mom died. But in December 1991, before either of my parents passed away, I stopped drinking…and goodness came after, even in grief. Not the least of my blessings was the husband, who understood me early on and asked me to marry him anyway. What followed were three daughters, who greatly reduced my egocentric tendencies … [Read more...]

The first of December: a Christmas playlist

When I was a kid, it got stuck in my head that the holiday season officially started the first of December.  Christmas and its music could hold off until then.  Sure, plenty of folks wanted to decorate as soon as the turkey leftovers from Thanksgiving were put away, but it was still November.  I practiced a kind of delayed gratification and would only put on Andy Williams when the calendar turned to December.  Times have changed due to the three children in my life who practice no such will … [Read more...]

Wednesday thoughts on comfort and joy

I seek out comfort and joy as much as the next person, especially during the holiday season.  I can’t help it.  I grew up Catholic and went to Catholic schools.  In addition to the ritual of Andy Williams, Mom drinking eggnog, Christmas Eve tree decorating, Charlie Brown, and putting the baby Jesus in our crèche next to the fireplace on December 25th, we had the church.  My mother always sent out cards of the Mother and Child because she never wanted to get far away from what Christmas was … [Read more...]

‘Twas the night before December

Last night, it was still possible to see the world simply as it is – good, bad or something in the middle. The weather was Los Angeles typical: sunny and warm. People spoke about Tiger Woods; about how much turkey they’d eaten; about how difficult it was to get back into the groove on a Monday following a long weekend. It was November something.Today, it is December and all aspects of life are viewed through December’s eyes. It’s officially the holiday season, and regardless of how and what you … [Read more...]