The 17th day of Christmas coffee included two dogs named Lucky and Milo

On the 17th day of Christmas coffee, my true love gave to me, a morning mug to save me - It went something like this... I made boeuf bourguignon for Christmas Eve dinner, referring to it as Julia Child would, with a high-pitched trill in my voice.  Shortly after the girls and I ate twenty-seven cookies for dessert, they announced they were going to sleep.  It was 8:20pm.  Normally, any parent would be thrilled that their children were putting themselves to bed, but our girls had retired no … [Read more...]

Life was a blur on the 14th, 15th and 16th day of Christmas coffee

First of all, next year, there will only be 12 days of Christmas coffee.  You, my faithful readers and the thousands of friends you will have turned on to my site throughout 2010, will not have to listen to me gripe about how difficult it is to organically and melodically incorporate six more days into a song that wasn’t that good to begin with.  I mean, really, ten lords a-leaping?  I can’t relate to that.  And truth be told, growing up with Andy Williams, this is how I first heard the … [Read more...]

The boat parade on the 12th day of Christmas coffee

On the 12th day of Christmas coffee, my true love gave to me, 12 ounces by the sea… My youngest daughter is going to be a weather girl when she grows up.  I didn’t say meteorologist because I don’t think she’s concerned about why and how the weather evolves.  She only wants to know two things – should she wear shorts and when is it going to rain.  And isn’t that pretty much all the weather people tell us in Southern California anyway?  What to wear and whether or not our commute will be delayed … [Read more...]

Cards and eggnog on the 11th day of Christmas coffee

On the 11th day of Christmas coffee, my true love gave to me ELEVEN ounces of eggnog – I got rid of the ellipsis between Christmas and coffee.  Was it bugging you as much as it was bugging me?  Good riddance. Let’s talk about Christmas cards – the writing of, the getting of, the letters.  My kids love going to the mailbox during December because it’s usually filled with cards that include photos of the friends they just saw yesterday at school.  More often than not, they’re looking at pictures … [Read more...]

I had a major headache on the 10th day of Christmas…coffee

On the 10th day of Christmas…coffee, my true love gave to me TEN drummers drumming – What?  You don’t think I know what you’re going to say?  The drummers drummed on the 12th day of Christmas.  Well, in case you haven’t noticed by now, my song covers 18 days and it’s totally different from that other one.  Besides, I had a nagging headache on the 10th day (I know, I’m still way behind) and it felt like there were exactly twelve drummers drumming in my head.  Why the headache you ask?  As if you … [Read more...]

The 6th day of Christmas…coffee

On the sixth day of Christmas…coffee, my true love gave to me SIX sips of Pike Place – I ran a 10K race yesterday morning on the Universal Studios backlot and my only goal was to beat my next-door-neighbor so my daughters could have bragging rights over her daughters.  I gave no thought to the notion that, in addition to being ugly and small, I was also being ungrateful, as my neighbor’s husband was taking care of all six girls while my husband and I ran the race.  (And I should mention these … [Read more...]