Happy birthday, Obama won!

Did you hear Obama won reelection?  Well done.  And thank you for a wonderful birthday gift.  You see, my big day (November 7th) always falls right around the elections, so sometimes I get what I want and sometimes I don’t.  In 2000, Bush and Gore went head to head ON my birthday and you can imagine how that went for me if you’ve followed this blog for the past few years.  I cried, and then cried again in 2004.  But you know what?  That’s the past and Obama wants us to look FORWARD! and so I … [Read more...]

Obama v. Romney, pts. 2 and 3: rights, religion, leadership, and choices

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned Rush Limbaugh more than once here on this blog, frankly because he’s an idiot like Ann Coulter.  If you believe in the forces of evil, the two of them are standing atop the ladder for selling their souls to the devil.  I don’t actually believe they’re evil so much for what they’ve said but for the reasons they’ve said it.  They’ve made it their job to be hatefully controversial. They pay their bills by stirring up the hornet’s nest, and not in a good way.  (Is … [Read more...]

Obama v Romney, pt. 1: the economy

There’s a song on the radio now called “Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)”.  It brings to mind this presidential election, in all three parts I’ll explore over the next few days.  Seriously. Part one: the economy Since the sub-prime mortgage fiasco – the main reason our economy collapsed – millions lost their life savings, their retirement nest eggs, and ultimately their jobs.  However, the trillions of dollars that were wiped from the ledgers of families, businesses, and … [Read more...]

F**king Halloween

To the victims of Hurricane Sandy, my thoughts and prayers are with you.  Forgive me for this stupid post: I hate Halloween.  My husband would be quick to say ‘hate’ is a strong word.  Yeah, well, f**k that.  Costumes for at least two of my three children are the bane of my existence.  I don’t sew.  Neither ‘artsy’ nor ‘craftsy’ is my middle name.  (It’s Michelle or Michele – can never remember how to spell it.)  I do the best I can with felt and Elmer’s glue, and visiting every Target in the … [Read more...]

Monday motherhood: hugs and kisses

I’ve long been convinced that physical and verbal displays of affection and support are more valuable to a child’s success than any other device we have available as parents.  This is purely based on assumption and anecdote - and it’s a careful balance.  The only child smothered with attention and praised as perfect, regardless of evidence to the contrary, can often be annoying.  But show me a well-adjusted, confident problem-solver, who isn’t afraid of reaching out to/for help, and I’ll show … [Read more...]

The Presidential Debate: let’s try this again

Phew. Yesterday’s post, had I the time, was going to be my yearning for authenticity among political candidates.  Did you see the Paul Ryan video? Of him washing clean pots at a soup kitchen?  The place was on his campaign schedule, though his staff found out that the food had already been served, the ‘customers’ were gone, and the volunteers were packing up to leave.  Did that stop Paul?  Of course not.  Even after assessing the absurdity of the situation, it didn’t occur to him to take charge … [Read more...]