Do not vote for Trump – Reason #25

Last week, I casually mentioned that I’d try to share with you more of the seventeen-thousand reasons why you should not vote for Donald Trump. What I’d prefer instead is to shift from nonchalant to very serious, since there is much at stake. First, some perspective:

Hazel may sleep through this election.

Hazel may sleep through this election.

In the last election, Mitt Romney was not my candidate. I’m an avowed Democrat and my stance on most issues is liberal and fact-based. But in 2012, if pressed, I would readily admit that Romney was smart, capable, and levelheaded. My disappointment had he won would have been profound, but I feared little. Back in 2008, as much as I wanted Obama in the White House (but Hillary before that), I worried about a McCain presidency only after he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. Prior, I thought McCain was a fairly sensible fellow, a politician capable of meaningful work and reform in an exceedingly dysfunctional congress.

But in 2000 and in 2004, I cried real tears when George W. won the presidency and then re-election. He was incurious, anti-intellectual, had virtually no history of success, and his vice president lacked a soul. I might have struggled to tell you exactly my concern, but I was afraid, not necessarily for myself specifically but for the country as a whole. No one could predict 9/11. My fear was based on how Dubya would handle any crisis. Years later, after Iraq and the deaths of thousands, the continuing war in Afghanistan, after the easily predictable financial crisis resulted in millions out of work and homes lost, my fear was validated. If there was ever an argument for the dissolution of the Electoral College, 2000 was it. (Al Gore won the popular vote. The last time the president lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College was 1888.)

My point: If John Kasich had won the current GOP nomination and then perhaps the presidency, if Chris Christie had, Rand Paul, even JEB Bush, I would be crushed, forlorn, heartbroken…but afraid? Not really. I am reasonable, open to argument, and regularly read the Wall Street Journal editorial page for insight into the conservative mindset. But Trump? I fear his presidency like I feared George W.’s. (Even he won’t support Trump.)

So last week, I joked about reasons not to vote for Trump. Instead, let’s stop laughing and get serious. Here’s why:

–       Most Daily Cup of Jo voters are Democrats but I have several Republican “friends” on Facebook and GOP followers on Twitter. If they’re #NeverTrump, thank you and we’re fine. But if they’re waffling now and being brainwashed into thinking any Democrat in office is worse than Trump, I’d like to convince them otherwise and, short of voting for Clinton or Sanders, encourage them to sit this one out or skip that part of the ballot. If you repost, there’s an opportunity to reach a greater audience.

–       If you’re a Bernie supporter, please understand that I will vote for him if he gets the nomination. I like what he stands for, though I am a passionate advocate for Hillary. I’d like to convince likely-to-be-disappointed Sanders supporters that this is NOT an election to sit out. Regardless of anything you may be feeling right now, a vote for Trump would be unforgivable if you believe in progressive causes, decency, income equality, and women’s rights – all issues Bernie has been fighting for his entire political career.

Last week, I was wonky about trade in Reason #26 Not To Vote For Trump. This week, Reason #25:

I don’t want a super weird president. (That’s a scientific term, and totally different from “Let your freak flag fly.”)

Two words: John Miller. This is the name Trump gave himself in 1991, pretending to be a spokesman for The Donald. The Washington Post released a recording of an interview “John Miller” did on behalf of Trump for People Magazine reporter Sue Carswell. Click HERE to have a listen.

Trump has admitted to using the name John Miller and John Barron on occasion in the past, but now flatly denies the man on the recording is himself. He’s lying, but more than that, he’s…

…super weird.

Enjoy the weekend, and share this post.

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