Random Friday: procrastination, Linsanity, and The Gettysburg Address

I know for a fact that I am not the world’s best procrastinator because I saw a Christmas tree this morning out on the curb.  I could write endlessly about procrastination but I don’t want to.  Maybe tomorrow.

How many times do you have to tell your children that the jeans they wore this afternoon for an hour DO NOT GO IN THE HAMPER?

Do you still say ‘hamper’?

I don’t want to see any more “Shit People Say” videos.  Some of them were funny so thanks, but let’s move on.

I’m still sad about Whitney Houston, especially after Mercedes sang “I Will Always Love You” on this week’s episode of “Glee”.  Of course, I’m still sad about Amy Winehouse.

I’ve only had a chance to read about Linsanity – STILL haven’t seen it live.  Having a hard time getting a Knicks game on television.

One of these days, I’m going to teach my dogs not to beg.  (See my first note about procrastination.)

Is it just me or does Rick Santorum make you nauseous, too?  If he ends up the nominee – don’t think he will, but you never know – I think he’s going to run into a whole lot of trouble with the ladies.

I just received a $25 iTunes gift card.  Whose music should I buy?

What’s up with Iran? Ahmadinejad has such a chip on his shoulder.  Either you’re enriching uranium for peaceful purposes or you’re not.  No need to show off or get snippy, though I do hope that putting the plug in your oil jug will serve to inspire the US to increase investment in alternative sources of energy.

I wish I had servants like they do on “Downton Abbey”.  Every now and then, it would be fun to ‘dress’ for dinner.

My friend Jeannie and I were talking about movies this morning and I called Terrence Malick’s films a case of ‘the emporer’s new clothes’.  Have you seen “Days of Heaven”?   “The Thin Red Line”?  Ugh.  Friends keep trying to give me screeners of “The Tree of Life” and I tell them I’ve got a million other things to do with my time.  “It’s nice to look at,” I hear them sheepishly say.  If I wanted to look at pretty pictures, I could visit a museum and get some exercise walking around.

A farting incident came to my attention this afternoon.  I’m nearly fifty years old and just that word, those four letters, F-A-R-T, make me laugh out loud.

I bought a pound of Intelligentsia coffee today at one of the few stores around town that sells it and you would have thought I was bringing home a new puppy, I was so excited.  Drinking a cup now.

“Should I wear pants or shorts today?’ is the question I get from Miss T every Saturday, Sunday, and free dress day at school.  Doesn’t matter if it’s forty degrees outside (and sometimes it is in Los Angeles), if the sun in shining, she assumes it’s a possible beach day.

I don’t immediately delete emails I’ve read, just in case I need to go back for the information.  I now have 9126 emails in my inbox.  How long do you think it’ll take me to clean that out?  (How many do you have?)

It’s official.  I can’t wear thong underwear.

Got a new pair of eyeglasses today to replace the nine-year-old ones I was wearing at night after I took my contacts out.  The world looks spectacular without scratches.

Enjoy Presidents’ Day weekend.  Goldie asked casually yesterday why Abraham Lincoln was considered such a great man.  I mentioned slavery, the Emancipation Proclamation, and then told her she should re-read The Gettysburg Address.

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    • says

      @Joanna, you can get Intelligentsia online or at Sweet Butter in Sherman Oaks or Aroma on Tujunga. Thanks for the music suggestion. – Jo

  1. Bill B. says

    If you don’t have anything by her yet–I’ve heard rumors that you procrastinate from time to time–get “21” by Adele!

    • says

      @Bill B., yeah thanks. I’ve only been listening to Adele forever (or at least since she was nineteen and put out “19”). Never get tired of listening to “Someone Like You”. Never. – Jo

  2. jeaninie weenie says

    my friend kelly gave me this song and i love it…Good To You by Marianas Trench (w/Kate Voegele)…check it out! I think we want Rick Santorum to win for the Republicans because he can’t possibly win the Presidency…right??

  3. Mary Anne says

    Just told my kids earlier today to bring both their “hampers” into the laundry room. Yes, Rick Santorum makes me nauseous and I have never broken the code on the “genius” of Terrence Malick. I have 2,916 emails in my email box but not because I am particularly organized. Our computer crashed last year and I started over from 0. Let me know who you end up buying on Itune – we tend to have similar tastes and you will save me some time.

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