Today’s cup: the economy, jobs, the FAA, and other fun stuff

This may sound ignorant and unlike me, but I’m so burned out on the economic news of the last few weeks, I’ve stopped paying attention to the details.  When I hear about stocks and investors and interest rates, I realize the only question I feel personally interested in asking is, “Are people finding jobs?”  So yesterday’s stock market decline was icky, but July’s jobs report was less so.  In fact, the private sector’s 117,000 new jobs added last month beat expectations and helped lower the unemployment rate a notch.  It’s very far from great news, but closer to heaven than the hell we’ve been living through recently.

Rather than wish him a happy birthday, cynics are knocking President Obama for saying, “We are going to get through this. Things will get better, and we’re going to get there together.”  Honestly, what do you want him to say right now?  GOP presidential hopefuls slammed Obama today for the state of the economy, forgetting once again what he inherited from the let’s-go-to-war-and-cut-taxes Bush administration.

Speaking of, the former president must be broiling down in his home state as triple-digit temperatures continue to bake Texas and other southern states with no relief in sight.  The drought will undoubtedly continue, making for a difficult road ahead in the farming industry.

If you’re looking for more reasons to hate Congress (you’re probably not), go ahead and read about what’s going on with the FAA currently.  A slew of airline workers are unemployed right now because of a failure to fund the federal organization, but go ahead Congress, go on your vacations.  Don’t overwork your sorry asses.  What’s a paycheck to a bunch of middle class FAA workers anyway?  Small change.

Though not yet confirmed, rebel forces in Libya claim that a NATO air strike killed another son of Moammar Gaddafi. Khamis Gaddafi was presumably much more dangerous and valuable than his brother Saif, killed in fighting months ago.  Moammar must be so proud of the way things are going for his family.

Thailand, for the first time, elected a woman to lead the country.  Yingluck Shinawatra was confirmed today as Prime Minister, adding herself to a growing list of women chosen to lead countries.  When will the U.S. join that club?

Ever see on odd status post on your Facebook wall that you didn’t put there?  Like suddenly you’re offering your friends iPads for 99¢ if they just click on a certain link?  Spammers are everywhere and probably always will be, but at least the FBI has their mitts on the notorious “Spam King”, who may be headed to jail in the future.  Of course, Sanford Wallace is out on bail now and hanging over at Google+.  You’ve been warned.

The NFL owners and players made their reconciliation official on Thursday when commissioner Roger Goodell and player rep DeMaurice Smith signed the new collective bargaining agreement Friday morning.  Again, the preseason starts next Thursday night, August 11.

You’ve heard about the ground turkey recall, yes?  I’m going to invest in one of those attachments for my Kitchen-Aid mixer that grounds your meat for you.  It’s getting harder and harder to trust these big corporations.  When you’re talking about Cargill, a corporation that makes protective clothing and de-icing solutions, there’s a good chance they’re going to miss a few things, like salmonella in their meat products.  A 65-year-old woman from Northern California died after eating the contaminated food.

This “Shark Week drinking game” list came to me via Stumble Upon (naturally) and it reminded me that the girls and I watched “Soul Survivor” last night, about the Hawaiian teenage surfer whose arm was bitten off by a shark, and I had a question for all of you.  When did Helen Hunt become such a weird, earnestly bad actress?  What happened to Jamie Buchman from “Mad About You”?

Blunderbuss is a cute word to describe someone clumsy and stupid.

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