Today’s cup: idiots in Washington, and why they made it hard to care (and other bits of news)

Congress hasn’t voted on it yet, but President Obama, John Boehner, and a bunch of knuckleheads in Washington hammered out an agreement to raise the debt ceiling so we won’t default on any of our financial obligations this week.  I hate to be Debbie Downer, but our government sucks right now.  I won’t go so far as to say all of them.  There are some very bright, once-determined, once-idealistic, once-enthusiastic members of both the House and Senate who believed in trying to make a difference for the betterment of the average American.  I can’t imagine what misgivings they’re having now, trying to govern with idiots.  And let me tell you, if each of us – disgusted with what’s gone on in our nation’s capitol these past few weeks – doesn’t find an opportunity to stand upon a metaphorical soapbox and do what must be done to prevent more idiots from taking office in November next year, and kick out some of the ones currently in office, we’re the idiots. I’m angry.  We should all be, and have our collective Howard Beale moment.

Ask the average American what’s most important to this country right now and the answer you’ll get is “jobs”.  No, we shouldn’t run an enormous deficit, nor be held hostage by entitlement abuses.  But when discussion about raising taxes brings the entire government to a standstill and distracts our representatives from what really ails us – all because a bunch of dumb GOP pols signed a “no tax” pledge – I want to throw up.  Maybe that’s the real reason I was vomiting last week.  The smarter ones among us need to educate those who need clarification that tax revenue, any kind of revenue, is needed in addition to cuts to reduce our deficit and those taxes will not come from the middle class! You vote for Rand Paul because you think without the likes of him, you’ll be taxed more?  You’re wrong!  Okay, you know what?  I can’t get into this right now while I’m still under the weather or I’ll get sick again.  An editorial in the Baltimore Sun is the best piece I’ve found on last night’s debt ceiling development.  It’s my suggested read.

What I also hate so much about our inability to get our act together here in the United States is that it prevents us from being a leader in the world.  I’m someone who believes in America, not as the world’s police, but as the planet’s greatest caretaker, the big brother/sister who steps in front of the bully when needed.  In the last ten years, we’ve gotten away from that.  Yes, we’re a global leader in the fight against AIDS, and we still have some of the best and brightest working on cures for everything and creating new ways for clean water to reach those in need.  But the longer we’re bogged down in our own mess, the harder it becomes to continue caring about Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya.  Famine has hit God-forsaken Somalia and their own militias are making it difficult for the world to help, so chances are most of us won’t.  We’ve just got too many of our own damn problems, ya know?  Bad governance here has international implications on more than just an economic level.

The holy Muslim month of Ramadan begins today.  The Christian Science Monitor offers a few facts.

Missouri has a new law on the books that prohibits teachers and their students from becoming Facebook friends.  Also called the “Amy Hestir Student Protection Act”, it was named after an adolescent girl from the state, who was assaulted and molested by her junior high school teacher.  Oh, the new territories, filled with minefields, that we must navigate in a socially-networked world.

Plaxico Burress, the former New York Giant who accidentally shot himself in the leg with a gun he shouldn’t have had in a nightclub and spent some serious time behind bars, is out now and wearing a New York Jets uniform.  The guy’s got talent.  Let’s see what he can do for us.  Randy Moss has finally called it quits. has all the latest.

This piece of artwork by Begemott came across the internet via StumbleUpon and it ties in a little of what I was talking about before re: the US and the World.  Or maybe just teddy bears are great.

Paper tigers are not, and we must identify them and get them out of Washington.

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