Today’s cup: the jokers in Washington, Winehouse’s memorial, the NFL is back, and McDonald’s

I was hoping by the time I shed my children for an hour – and by “shed”, I mean “ignore” – and got down to writing a post, the fools on the Hill would have come to their senses and worked out a plan for raising the debt ceiling.  No such luck.  On Monday night, President Obama took to the airwaves, essentially pleading for our help, urging us to write our representatives in Congress telling them that the “three ring circus” going on right now in Washington is unacceptable and the debt ceiling charade is unprecedented.  He’s right on both counts, but I think “three ring circus” suggests some levity and it appears there is none to be found between President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner.  Have you sent an email to your rep?  Go ahead and do it right now, whether they need to hear from you or not.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  Everybody’s doing it. You should too.

Before this past week, I thought John Boehner was at least straightforward.  I might disagree with much of what he believes but I thought his desire to serve was larger than his ambition.  His rebuttal on Monday night was disappointing.  It was patronizing, dishonest and confused. I expected something different.  Shame on you, John.

So, this debt ceiling thing… Some of the most important bits of information that the president shared with us have to do with precedent.  Raising the debt ceiling, while unfortunate, is something that has been done again and again and again, by presidents both Republican and Democrat, in order to pay bills on time, period.  The deficit is another beast and one that our divided Congress has been working on forever.  We don’t have enough money to balance our books so we’re running a deficit and we have to borrow money.  Down the road, we’d all like to be flush and figure out our finances by cutting and earning more.  It’s serious.  But right now, today, this moment, we need to raise the damn debt ceiling.  To the conservative, I-don’t-really-understand-my-role-as-a-congress-member House Republicans, I will use one of my favorite lyrics from the sadly departed Amy Winehouse: what kind of fuckery is this? (Sorry Mom.)  Eeeeenough!  Write your congressional representative RIGHT NOW (because I know some of you didn’t do it a minute ago.)  Those wackadoos in the House think this bullshit (again, sorry) is what the American people want which is why they’re behaving the way they are.  Please, I urge you, let them know differently.

The memorial for Winehouse was held Tuesday in London.

On Monday, the NFL owners and players sealed the deal for the 2011 season to take place, with changes to their collective bargaining agreement, salary caps, and free agency policies.  Get the latest news regarding trades and signings at  Thursday evening, August 11th, Baltimore will play Philadelphia in the first game of the preseason.  Yippeeeeeeeeee!

Do you remember the tragic case of the drunk mother who drove the wrong way in her minivan near New York City, killing herself and seven others two summers ago?  The tragedy continues.  Her husband is suing the state, claiming inadequate signage on the roads was to blame for his wife driving the wrong way.  I realize it’s an attempt on his part to find money to help with all of the legal and medical bills (his son was the sole survivor) but I think, in terms of karma, this is a really bad idea.

I mentioned tattoos the other day.  Kat Von D, Jesse James’ latest “soul mate” and fiancé, called off their wedding AFTER getting his face tattooed on her side (I’m not sure which side).  Of course, this is from the star of TLC’s “LA Ink”, so I’m pretty sure she knew how permanent it was.  Still.

There’s a rant I’ll have soon with y’all about portion sizes in restaurants and fast food joints.  Just the other day, for the third time this week, I started a sentence with, “When I was a kid…”  I was telling my children how McDonald’s used to sell their French fries in one size – a small white envelope filled with the delicious tater treats.  There was no super-sizing options available and, guess what?  It was enough.  So I was encouraged to read that McDonald’s is trying to address concerns that their food is making people fat.  They’re changing the portion of French fries in their Happy Meals (from a giant handful to a small one) and including a fruit or vegetable.  It’s a start.  Now, they should help all of us who can’t help ourselves and stop offering bigger grown-up meals for less money.

Have a lovely day.  Write your congressional representative.

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  1. Beth says

    Couldn’t agree with you more on the insanity in our nation’s capital…but August 11th is just too damn early for football. WHEN I WAS A KID, pre-season didn’t add months to any sport’s schedule-they are now all endless…

  2. Elizabeth says

    Speaking as one who actually got school supplies done by the end of July (first time ever) it seems like summer is over already 🙁 It should be cold for football though, and the leaves should be at least orange!!!

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