Today’s cup: the Arizona wildfire, Weiner’s wife is pregnant, Afghanistan is a bust, and coffee is the new LSD

No reported deaths or injuries, but Arizona is on fire.  By Friday, there’s an excellent chance that parts of Texas and New Mexico will experience rolling power blackouts as the wildfire that has been burning across 600 square miles for eleven days heads toward transmission lines.  Firefighters are struggling to bring the blaze under control as high winds complicate their efforts.

Huma Abedin, the wife of scandal-plagued New York congressman Anthony Weiner, reacted to her husband’s icky behavior this past week by showing up to work and heading off to Africa with her boss, Hillary Clinton.  Oh, and she’s pregnant which complicates an already complicated situation.  The couple had just started to tell friends and family the good news so, again, I will ask my obvious question: what was Weiner thinking?!  And now I have another: he claims to have engaged in these inappropriate online relationships starting three years ago.  What did he do before that?  House Democrats want him to resign.  He could stay at home and take care of the baby.

Let’s be honest.  The war in Afghanistan is a bust.  After ten years, no one is whistling about what we’ve accomplished there.  As President Obama contemplates the drawdown of US troops looming on the horizon, our presumed new ambassador to Afghanistan, Ryan Crocker, met with senators in Washington on Wednesday and offered a dismal picture.  As Dana Milbank from the Washington Post writes, “Maybe this is how the Soviets felt in ’89.”

According to American officials, via the New York Times, the U.S. has increased its military efforts in Yemen on a covert basis, worried that a power vacuum there could increase the chances of al Qaeda militants unduly influencing the Yemeni government.

It wasn’t cucumbers or bean sprouts, so the source of the E. coli bacterium that has spread through Europe and killed twenty-seven (all but one in Germany) remains a mystery.  The situation will likely be a main topic at a Russian summit this week.  Russia has essentially banned fresh vegetables from the EU, which hardly sits well with European farmers and won’t help Russia’s efforts in becoming a member of the World Trade Organization.

Jobless claims were still high last week, leading some (many?) to consider the economic recovery all but stalled.  Sweet Jesus, is there any good news to report?

Let’s see…

If you drive a new SUV, particularly one of the luxury models, you’re much less likely to die in a crash than you were ten years ago because they don’t roll over like the used to.  That’s something, right?

Let’s see, what else?  Game 5 of the NBA Finals is on tonight, if you’re interested in some really good basketball.  Dallas and Miami are tied in the match-up with two games apiece.  Dirk Nowitzki is sick but says he’s going to play (because he’s Nowitzki) and LeBron James is not sick but also confirms he’ll play tonight, better than he did in Game 4.

Drinking really large amounts of coffee may cause you to hallucinate.  You might not think that’s good news but if you lead a dull life, hearing voices in your head might be just the stimulation you need.

Today would have been the 96th birthday of Les Paul, hence the guitar Google doodle.  Go ahead and strum the instrument with your mouse. Super fun.

I could inveigh against the unnecessary, inordinately long time my children will be away from school for their summer break beginning today.  Instead, I’m considering embracing it.

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  1. Bill B. says

    Very cool guitar doodle! (1-4-5 chord progression–fits just about every rock or country song there is!) Thanks for the tip–I hurriedly emailed my three brothers-in-law about it. Thought I might score half a point on the cool meter if they heard about it from me.

    But coffee a hallucinogen? Never heard anything so silly! (‘Scuse me while I get a refill…)

  2. says

    Vizzini said it best in The Princess Bride: never fight a land war in Central Asia!
    I’m hoping the news is brighter tomorrow for you and all of us.

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