Today’s cup: Massachusetts tornado, Anthony Weiner, Mitt Romney, and MyPlate

Watch this video as a tornado takes shape in Springfield, Massachusetts on Wednesday.  Four people were killed in the storm and dozens injured.  Governor Deval Patrick declared a state of emergency in an effort to help the search, rescue and clean-up of the areas in western and central Massachusetts that were hit the hardest.

I don’t want to report on the Anthony Weiner/Twitter scandal but when Weiner was asked point blank on Wednesday whether or not the crotch shot sent to a college student in Seattle was, in fact, his crotch, Weiner could not confirm nor deny.  In other words, it’s his, right?  Which means he took a photo of his enthusiastic self in his gray cotton boxer-briefs, which is just plain weird and I’m wondering, once again, what is wrong with these men?  I don’t believe he sent the photo, but still.  Like Eliot Spitzer, I thought this passionate, smart New York politician might someday run for higher office to make more of a difference than he can as the House representative from New York City’s 9th district, but now?  It’s all a big joke and I’m not laughing, no matter how hard Jon Stewart tries to tickle it out of me.

Another death associated with the E. coli outbreak in Europe has been reported in Germany, bringing the number to eighteen.  The World Health Organization says the strain of the bacteria responsible is one not previously seen.  In England, three new cases of infection have been reported in people who have recently traveled to Germany.  Over 1600 people have been sickened so far.

Some not surprising but no less depressing news from the Global Commission on Drug Policy: the war on drugs is a failure, a bust, in need of a major overhaul.  Now what?

The New York Times announced Thursday that a woman, for the first time, has been named its new editor-in-chief. Jill Abramson, the newspaper’s current managing editor, will take over from Bill Keller in an effort to continue the paper’s transition into the digital age.

We hear about Libya and no one questions the definition of Moamar Qadafi as a brutal dictator who kills his own people for the sake of continuity, but what of Syria?  Bashir al-Assad’s government has almost, almost, successfully shut down the media to hide news there of the slaughter of innocents – but make no mistake, the world knows.  Human Rights Watch is keeping tabs, even if our own government is at loose ends about what to do.

It’s official.  Mitt Romney is running for president.  In New Hampshire on Thursday, Romney made his expected announcement and said a bunch of mean things about President Obama, including the suggestion that our current leader “had failed America.”  Sarah Palin was also going to be in New Hampshire today, declaring nothing, saying less.

Shaquille O’Neal was a Boston Celtic for about fifteen minutes before announcing his retirement from basketball after nineteen years (via Twitter, naturally) on Wednesday night.  He’ll head to the Hall of Fame in no time.

Maria Sharapova isn’t going to the finals in the French Open but Francesca Schiavone and Li Na are.  Sharapova came up one match short.  Na will play the defending champion for the title on Saturday.

I promised it was coming today, and so I give you the new USDA MyPlate to replace that old, dusty food pyramid that was so hard to understand.  (It was actually simple, but how do you eat all those servings in one day and not get fat?)  Seeing as how my favorite color is purple, I guess I’ll start eating more protein.

Heading toward the end of the school year, I wish I were indefatigable.  Instead, I feel like a nap.

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  1. Michael says

    Weiner’s inability to say whether the pic is him or not suggests he has taken a lot of these pics. If he had done only one or two, wouldn’t he be able to say yay or nay??

  2. Mare says

    Jon Stewart had us in hysterics over the Anthony Weiner scandal. Just brilliant comedy…and how could it not be!!!

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