Today’s cup: Obama on the Middle East, and the end of the world

President Obama stirred up quite a controversy on Thursday by delivering a speech on the Middle East that suggests a return to the Israel-Palestinian borders before the 1967 war is necessary to honestly begin negotiating peace in the region.  Needless to say, Israel balked at the idea, which will make for an interesting, read tense, meeting Friday between Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who arrived in Washington this morning.  Full text of the speech can be found hereVideo here.

President Bashar Assad of Syria wasn’t pleased with the speech either after President Obama said that Assad should lead his country toward a democratic government or “get out of the way.” Violence in Syria continues between Assad’s forces and the pro-democracy movement.  More than 800 have been killed so far in the clashes.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn denied any wrongdoing in a letter of resignation he sent to the International Monetary Fund.  On Thursday, he was indicted on seven counts of sexual assault, including the attempted rape and unlawful imprisonment of a hotel maid in New York last weekend, and released on $1 million bail.  He will live in a Manhattan apartment and wear a monitoring device while the case develops.

Lauren and Scotty are headed to the finale on “American Idol” after the voters sent Haley Reinhart home Thursday night.  Lauren Alaina, with her strong, beautiful voice, sounds like every female country music singer you’ve ever heard but comes by her style naturally.  Seventeen-year-old Scotty McCreery, on the other hand, appears as if he’s imitating every Nashville crooner that has come before him.

The Rapture, i.e. the end of the world as we know it, was supposed to take place on Saturday at 6pm which is what I indicated on my Rapture Party Evite invitations and when the caterer is serving her Judgment Day menu.  Well, it looks as if I’m screwed because now we’re being told that everything begins falling apart when the clock strikes 6pm wherever that time happens first on the globe.  Guess what?  At 11pm PST tonight, Friday, it’s 6pm on May 21 in Pago Pago.  Dammit!

For the first time ever in a Gallup poll, Americans say they support the legalization of gay marriage.  Good, good and it’s about time.

Look for a slight reduction in the fill-up price for gas in your car.  Crude oil has gone below $100 a barrel.  Yeehaw.

If you Google anything today – how can you not? – you can enjoy the artwork of a second grader from San Francisco who won the latest Google Doodle competition.  The theme of the contest was “What I’d like to do someday,” and judging from Matteo Lopez’s drawing, he’d like to go to space.

In light of his recent I-impregnated-the-maid-and-she-had-my-child admission, Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided to put his upcoming entertainment projects on hold.  So in addition to screwing up his own family life, he’s put the current and future employment of hundreds (thousands?) of film and television workers in jeopardy.  Bastard.

Longtime NBC sports chief executive Dick Ebersol resigned abruptly from the network Thursday morning when he couldn’t agree on a new contract with Comcast, who took over NBC/Universal early this year.

On Wednesday, I wrote about clutter.  One of the most disorganized rooms in the house is often the office, particularly underneath the desk where a celebration of cords is taking place.  An old post from seeks to remedy the situation by offering tips on how to organize the unsightly mess.

The weekend, or the end of the world – either way, I fear a katzenjammer after.

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