Today’s cup: Will and Kate, the space shuttle, the tornadoes aftermath, and a “Bridesmaids” teaser

Television recording devices were set everywhere for those not willing to wake up in the middle of the night to watch Kate and Will get married.  At 3am, almost on the nose, Jack our dog jumped up on the bed and startled me, so I used the opportunity to stumble downstairs and watch the event live.  I kept my eyes open long enough to see the handsome couple exchanges vows and became husband and wife.  It was a little dull but I was captivated by the hats on nearly all the ladies’ heads (though Princess Beatrice’s was terrifying), and marveled at what a brilliant hi-def picture I was receiving on my flat screen.  The first kiss on the balcony at Buckingham Palace, which the girls and I watched this morning, lasted a nanosecond, but the second was sweet.  The whole affair is ridiculous in its pomposity, but it’s beautifully, adorably, festively ridiculous.

Another good love story to watch today is the one between Mark Kelly, commanding astronaut of the space shuttle Endeavour, and his wife, Gabrielle Giffords, the Arizona congresswoman recovering from a traumatic brain injury since January when she was shot in the head.  She’ll watch her husband take off into space today in Florida when Endeavour blasts off at 3:47pm Eastern.

The death toll from the week’s tornadoes, which hit southern states with a fury not seen in nearly 40 years, is now over 300.  President Obama will be visiting Alabama Friday, before heading to the Kennedy Space Center, to see the damage firsthand and reinforce the government’s promise to offer help where needed.

Bad news for Sony and Playstation owners.  According to security experts, hackers who infiltrated the site this week and obtained email addresses, passwords, and other personal information, did acquire credit card numbers.  If you haven’t already, it’s time to cancel the plastic.

The first round in the NBA post season is nearly all decided, with only Memphis and San Antonia still shooting it out.  On to the next round are the Lakers, Dallas, Oklahoma City, the Bulls, Miami, the Celtics, and Atlanta.  All the info at

I’ve only used Groupon twice so far, but loved my $50 worth of merchandise from The Gap for $25.  I’ll be paying more attention now after learning the company has pulled its ads from Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” website after deciding they want no part of his controversial persona.  I realize these marketing decisions are almost solely driven by bottom-line considerations, but still.  Groupon has my vote.

Can you remember the last time someone actually pleaded “guilty” after being accused of a horrendous crime?  Even Charles Manson took a stab at innocence (no pun intended, really).  So it comes as a relief and surprise to hear that Philip and Nancy Garrido, accused of the abduction, rape and imprisonment of Jaycee Lee Dugard in 1991 when she was eleven years old, pleaded guilty in a California courtroom Thursday.  They also waived rights to an appeal, essentially getting themselves locked up for life.  Official sentencing is set for June 2nd.

Did you watch Michael Scott’s exit last night from “The Office”?  Steve Carell made his last appearance on the show Thursday, with an all-star cast bidding him adieu.  I haven’t had a chance to see the episode yet, as I was attending the premiere of “Bridesmaids”, one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.  I’m still laughing.  I’ll have a full review as we get closer to the movie’s opening on May 13th.  In the meantime, get your friends together and start making plans to see this movie en masse.

While he may have been the most talented performer this season on “American Idol”, he was not the most popular.  Casey Abrams, saved once by the judges three weeks ago, was booted off for good in Thursday night’s episode.  I’m still struggling to get into it this time.  None of the remaining five float my boat.

Reality television or reading a book?  Which would you choose given an unexpected half hour in your day?

I’m inculcating my children with the idea that cleanliness is in fact right next to godliness.  Please pick up your f***ing shoes!

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  1. Anne says

    The book picture is now my new wallpaper-thank you!

    A lot of people this week were saying we should be focusing on things other than the wedding, what with all the awful things happening in the world. Well, for 2 hours today I got to forget about all the awful things and instead watch pagentry and history and incredible hats and love and hope and a prince tell his bride at the alter she looked beautiful and it was wonderful. I wish them a long and very happy life together.

    I know what you mean about Idol. Not sorry or surprised to see Casey go but I am surprised Jacob is still there. Weird season.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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