Today’s cup: more uprising in the Middle East, Silvio Berlusconi, Watson on “Jeopardy!” and carbs in the afternoon are swell

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Bahrain continues to explode as thousands gathered in Pearl Square again Wednesday to protest their oppressive government.  Graham E. Fuller, a former CIA man, wrote the most helpful piece I’ve found yet on the tiny Middle Eastern island’s situation, in an op-ed for the New York Times.

The wave of unrest in the region has now reached Moamar Ghadafi’s Libya where hundreds of activists took to the streets to demand the release of a human rights activist.

In Iran, clashes broke out Wednesday at the funeral of an anti-government protester killed Monday during a rally in Tehran to celebrate Tunisia and Egypt.  President Obama offered cautious support to those rallying there for change.

Perhaps you’ve heard Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s Prime Minister, has been in hot water of late over allegations he paid for sex from an underage woman.  I haven’t mentioned it, not because it’s not news, but because it’s not new when you consider Berlusconi’s past transgressions.  He’s facing charges over this latest scandal but, as with his previous missteps, it will all probably come to naught.  He’s not worried.

Last night at dinner we played an alphabet game where a category is chosen and then each player, in letter order, has to come up with an appropriate answer.  Bun Bun chose dog breeds: P – pug, Q – who knows, R – rottweiler.  When it got to me at “S”, I said shar-pei but I could’ve said Scottish Deerhound had I ever heard of the breed.  It’s a funny looking dog and won Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club competition Tuesday night. Congratulations Hickory!

The Education Summit began Tuesday in Denver as a way to bring together educators, school administrators and union members to try and find a way to improve our public schools.  What a great idea!  Education Secretary Arne Duncan opened the gathering and urged the attendees to embrace collaboration.  The summit concludes today.

I haven’t really been following this story because I no longer watch “Jeopardy!” – it’s on right around the time we eat dinner – but it is a story and so I pass it along.  Seems the IBM computer named Watson is handily surpassing the humans in correct answers – or I should say questions.  If you really want to feel stupid, go ahead and tune in tonight as the competition continues.

Gabrielle Giffords chief of staff spoke to reporters Tuesday and said that the Arizona congresswoman continues a remarkable recovery but is not yet aware of the details of the shooting that seriously injured Giffords and killed six others in January.

Via the DailyBeast, Public Policy Polling reveals that a majority of those questioned, 51%, who say they are likely to vote in a Republican primary next year believe President Obama was not born in this country.  The birthers ridiculousness continues unabated.

I know I’m not alone when, around late afternoon I’m irritable and just a little sad.  If I eat a handful of peanut-butter pretzels I feel better than I do if I ate steamed broccoli.  Dr. Judith Hurtman over at HuffPo explains why we need, why we love, our carbohydrates.

I’d be a peripatetic fool today if it wasn’t raining so hard outside.

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  1. Mare says

    I just figured out where Tunisia is…now Bahrain?! It’s getting crazy!!!
    Also, I’ve been watching “Jeopardy” and my favorite part is when one of the two guys gets the answer wrong and Watson chimes in…with the same wrong answer. Ooops a little glitch…kind of like MY computer! People are more fun!

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