Today’s cup: a woman’s tear, Johnny Weir is queer and more dead fish are here

Two fiery packages caused minor injuries to as many people in Maryland yesterday, one sent to the governor of the state, causing the temporary shut down of the state agency mailrooms while other suspicious parcels were checked.  The two packages included notes complaining about certain highway signs in Maryland, one telling drivers to call an 800 number to “report suspicious activity”.  Instead of going to the trouble sending packages through the mail (what a hassle!), why not just call the 800 number?  Just asking.

Anti American cleric Moqtadr Al Sadr is back in Iraq after spending the last four years in self-imposed exile in Iran.  His Shiite Mehdi Army militia, which wreaked havoc on Sunnis just a few short years ago, has apparently found the diplomatic light after participating in non-violent negotiations, making the Sadrists a large part of the new government of Nuri al-Maliki.  A wait and see attitude greets Sadr upon his return.

It’s wild card weekend in the NFL.  My Jets play in Indianapolis Saturday at 5pm PST, while New Orleans plays at Seattle in the early game.  Sunday, it’s Baltimore at Kansas City and Green Bay at Philadelphia.  It’s magnificent.  I say Jets, New Orleans, Baltimore and Philly.  How ’bout you?

More football news: Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, considered to be a top pick in the NFL draft, has decided to stay at school and forego a professional career for another year.  Regardless of arguments about potential injuries that could prevent him from making millions in due time, it’s hard to argue with anyone who wants to finish out their education.  Sorry, Buffalo Bills.  Sorry Carolina and Denver.

Does she or does she not have pancreatic cancer?  Aretha Franklin won’t even go there, telling the press that her medical situation has “been resolved”.  If she was diagnosed with the disease that kills most victims within a year, there’s reason to think she could be telling the truth.  Ask Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Steve Jobs, both pancreatic cancer survivors.

The first order of business for House Republicans, given their new majority, is to repeal the new health care bill.  Regardless of the votes taken in the chamber, including today’s “test vote”, the move will be symbolic as the president threatens a veto and the Senate is still dominated by Democrats.  Though twenty states have signed on to fight the bill, some claiming it’s downright unconstitutional, California and its millions of uninsured residents, are embracing it.  We’re a touchy-feely state.  Also, the Congressional Budget Office (non-partisan) reports that a repeal of the law would increase the deficit.

I was wrong to be critical and unenthusiastic about the reading of the Constitution on the House floor Thursday.  Turns out it was an overwhelming success and the bunch of ’em are considering making it a weekly thing.  Jon Stewart has more.

Okay, get this.  Figure skater Johnny Weir is queer.  That’s right.  In his new book, Weir finally confirms what we all knew.  He’s gay.  Cyd Zeigler at offers his take.

The apocalypse continues.  Authorities are investigating why two million fish have been found dead in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. I’m not kidding.

Depending on whom you get your news from (, the unemployment rate was “down” in December or it “plunged” according to The Atlantic.  Any way you look at it, going from 9.8% in November to 9.4% the following month is good news.

Apparently, all that crying I’ve been doing every month for my entire life since I was twelve has been a big turn-off to the men in my life.  I’m so sorry.  I am.  Sniff, sniff.  It’s just, well, sometimes I just feel sad or angry, mostly over the money probably spent on STUPID STUDIES LIKE THIS ONE!  I’ll cry a river if I need to, dammit, and no Israeli researcher is going to stop me!

Being lachrymose is just part of who I am.  John Boehner and I have that in common.

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  1. Mare says

    …And Rich Rodriquez was fired from Michigan! Yippeeee! Of course there was great hope that Stanford’s coach, Jim Harbaugh, (a Mich alum) would take over, but he’s being courted by the NFL and will likely go to the 49ers. Bummer.
    Great football this weekend. Here’s hoping everyone in my house will leave me alone Saturday & Sunday! I’m rootin’ for your Jets!

  2. says

    Can I just say what a relief to find someone who amazingly knows what they’re talking about on the internet. You certainly know how to bring an issue to light and make it compelling. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

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