An afternoon cup: Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

There’s much to say about Elizabeth Edwards and the troubles she endured throughout her life, but I can’t imagine she’d want to be remembered for all that.  I think her smile, her intelligence and the honest, human courage she exhibited during the time we all came to know about her reminded me of people I have loved personally in my own life, and so I’m sad for her passing – mostly because three children lost their mother yesterday.  ABC News gives us a poignant reminder of who she was.

Selfishly, the news today that it has been thirty years since John Lennon was murdered (outside his apartment at The Dakota in New York City) just made me wonder what the hell happened to all that time?  Where did it go?  Martin Lewis did a piece for Time Magazine at the twenty-year anniversary of Lennon’s death.  HuffPo updated the sentiments today, ten years later.

Congress is taking up The DREAM Act in the final days of this session, which can only mean Republicans will do everything in their power to convince us why it’s all wrong.  Check out and make up your own mind.  This is legislation meant to cure some of the ills created by illegal immigration in this country.  The DREAM Act is complicated but its intentions are all in the right place.

Around the world: twenty-six people were killed in the latest Chinese mine disaster.  The country’s record on safety in this area is abysmal, especially with increased demand for power.  Twenty-six hundred miners died in China in 2009 alone.

Colombia has declared a state of emergency as rain and flooding continue.  Thirty-seven bodies have been recovered so far in last weekend’s mudslide.

Violence has erupted in Haiti after election results were finalized Tuesday night.  A run-off will take place next month between former first lady, Mirlande Manigat, and Jude Celestin, a protégé of the current President Rene Preval.  You’ll remember Preval was hardly a leader among leaders after the earthquake last January.

Despite objections to Obama’s surrender over the Bush tax cuts, giving Republicans mostly what they asked for, most Democrats around the country still like and support the president.  Naturally, no one would know about this because Democrats like to be vewy, vewy quiet, just as if we’re always hunting wabbits.

And speaking of hunting, Sarah Palin just can’t help herself.  Instead of drill, baby, drill, it’s kill, baby, kill.  Her latest victim was a caribou.  Maureen Dowd at The New York Times has a thing or two to say about it all.

At, some departing congress members spoke about what they’d miss after packing up and moving on in the coming weeks.  Sadly, no one thought “making a difference” was something about which they’d get sentimental.  Seems mostly that colleagues and friends will be tough to say good-bye to.

In California, regarding our schools, we now have an element in place that allows parents to come together, stick their collective heads out the window and yell “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”  In Compton on Tuesday, parents signed a petition, using the new “trigger law” to force McKinley Elementary to give itself over to becoming a charter school.  Interesting news in education reform.

The price of gold hit a record yesterday on news of the extended Bush tax cuts, and then quickly went down as investors got nervous and started selling off their shares of the shiny stuff.  None of this makes any sense to me, because I truly believe none of it makes any real sense unless you have a Vegas mentality.

Don’t fight the vicissitudes of the day.

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  1. Michael says

    It is hard to believe 30 years has passed. I had just moved to NYC in March and was working the evening shift as a security guard at Western Electic. I was actually supposed to be attending AADA then but I delayed starting for a year to build up my financial situation. As it turned out, that was good or I never would have met you and all the other people that I grew to love there.

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